14 Posts We Think Might Make You Smile

There are many things in this world that turn out to be overrated, but smiling and laughing aren’t two of them. Social media might be designed to be addictive, but personally, I think one reason it has gripped us so hard is its capacity to make us laugh.

Like these 14 tweets, for example, which just tickled us to our core – take a look and see if you can get some giggles, too!

14. These employers should be looking at the bright side.

Some people can’t even be bothered, and what is time anymore?

13. That’s why you avoid those recipes.

Unless there is a slow cooker involved.


12. They make the world go ’round.

Also they exist to drive the decision-makers nuts.

11. If you really think about it.

Grateful should be our default everything could taste like veggies.

10. I’ll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.

I would not have been able to hold back my laughs.


9. Ah, the lazy man’s load.

Y’all are my people.


8. Who among us has not been here?

It feels so good, too, those couple of extra minutes.


7. There’s just another one coming.

I’m just saying.


6. It can seem like the wisest course of action some days.

Do not give up hope, though.


5. So say we all.

We’re so tired and also broke.

4. Why not all at the same time?

That seems like the most likely answer.

3. Also drinking.

And meeting new people and having casual relationships. Sigh.

2. No one wants this report.

Literally no one, so stuff it.

1. We were just pretending to enjoy being here.

You’re just a work friend and work is over byeeeee.

I will scroll through lists like this every day of the week, y’all.

Tell us in the comments which of these was your favorite, and then pass it along!