We Couldn’t Stop Laughing at These 12 Hilariously Obvious Lies

Being lied to isn’t usually funny, but sometimes the things people are expecting us to believe are just so wild there’s nothing to do but laugh.

My personal favorite is when you call them on it and they just double down.

These 12 lies are completely unbelievable and outrageous; we hope they make you laugh, too!

12. This is a creepy thing to say.

My friend said he had a body count of 200+.

He was a slightly fat guy who spends all his free time on video games and hates to leave his apartment.

11. The dog can’t talk, so she’s the perfect fall girl.

My (only child) daughter was less than 2 years old.

There was a scribble of pencil on the wall, like 18 inches off the ground.

I said “Who did this?”, seizing the opportunity to act out a classic mom line for the first time.

She pointed to her ‘sister’, my beagle, and declared “No, Lily. Bad!” shook her tiny finger at the dog and toddled off. Hysterical!!

10. A bit of radiation did the trick.

Does it count if the person believed me because I told someone the world was in black and white until the first nuclear explosions.

9. They literally think we were just born yesterday.

The ability of kids to tell obvious lies is amazing.

My favorite is the denying the ongoing action: “I’m not wiping my hands on my pants!” as the hands are being wiped on the pants.

8. Ouch. Some parents, man.

“we love you both equally”

7. Whatever you’ll believe, that’s what happened.

“The cat scratched me.”

“You literally don’t own a cat though.”

“My fork fell onto my arms then. Idk.”

6. No, YOU’RE crying.

“It will all be over by Easter”

5. It was a ghost, Jesus, or a liar.

I met someone who told me that he drank too much with his friends, had an alcohol overdose, and died.

After he “died” his friends threw him under a bed where he rotted for 3 days before coming back to life and if I didn’t believe him I could ask his friends.

I haven’t seen him since

4. Can’t even get the lie right.

My classmate was watching videos during online class while she was unmuted and said it was a math video…

We were in Health class

3. Plot twist!

When i was 16 i’d had a crush on one of my coworkers, and he’d liked me back.

I thought things were going good until i asked him if he wanted to go out on our shared day off, he agreed, and then the day of cancelled and told me it was because he needed to take care of his fish.

plot twist here is that i’d told a few of my friends, two of which worked with me and the guy, and i went on and on about how rude it is of him to not even give me a believable lie.

Those friends were all hanging out and went to walmart that day, and ran into my crush….buying food and supplies for his fish. he told them how excited he was about the fish too.

I felt like the biggest a$shole.

2. How exactly does one bruise their neck?

“That’s not a hickey I bruised my neck helping my sister move today”

1. You don’t even need to check!

Yeah I did all my homework in like 5 minutes I promise.

People are sooooo special, y’all.

So special.

What’s the craziest lie someone tried to get you to believe?

I want to hear about it in the comments!