15 Posts We Think Will Give You A Chuckle

There’s actually no shortage of hilarious content on the internet these days, but it can be hard to find the very best of the best – or at least, it can take time to scroll through all of the tweets and tiktoks and the like until you’ve found more than a handful that really make you laugh.

That’s where we come in, though, because curating funny content is one of the things we do here – and I promise these 15 tweets will be worth your time.

15. Real books are hard these days.

Sad, but true.

14. I don’t think so.

Also it’s gross. Just say no.

13. Morning, night…

Sometimes there’s barely any difference.


12. It’s hardly ever anything good.

But shipping confirmations are always fun.

11. They love you anyway.

Or at least they’re happy to take your money.


10. I mean, among other things.

There’s not just one.


9. Why is this so real?

Does it happen to everyone?


8. It certainly can.

Maybe time to get new friends.


7. You can’t let that baby down.

Luckily, their attention spans are crap.

6. I’m sitting here wondering how I could make this work.

Just me?

5. Preparing to be a disapproving parent, I see.

That takes time to really develop.

4. True story.

Nothing about us is young anymore.

3. This is just depressing.

I’m sure you have your moments.

2. You don’t have to like it to need it.

Wise words, my friends.


1. Just choose actual size.

And stop asking me.

There you have it, folks!

I hope at least a few of these gave you a chuckle – pass it on!