15 Problems Only Rich People Have

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Hey, poor and middle class people aren’t the only ones with problems, y’all – it’s just that rich people problems might look a bit different. Below are 15 problems that might not look like problems if you aren’t swimming in your dough like Scrooge McDuck.

But hey. We’ve all got our crosses to bear.

#15. Too many.

“Too many bottles of this wine we can’t pronounce Too many bowls of that green, no Lucky Charms The maids come around too much Parents ain’t around enough Too many joy rides in daddy’s Jaguar Too many white lies and white lines Super rich kids with nothing but loose ends Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends.”

#14. Not enough arms.

“Not enough arms to carry all their hundred dollar bills.”

#13. Devastating personal cost.

“They have to, likely at devastating personal cost, donate to and help elect the most corrupt people on the planet. Otherwise, they might end up with a pol who makes them not pollute or sell stuff that is safe.”

#12. Somehow compensates.

“1.) You will never know who is in your life for you, and who is in your life because you have money, including your significant other. There will always be a nagging doubt.

2.) Many people hate you because you’re rich, and that hurts.

3.) Many people discount your very real problems, anxieties, depression, etc because they think having lots of money somehow makes you immune to them, or somehow compensates.

4.) People don’t respect your things, because “you can just buy another one”. This happens with all sorts of “hangers-on”.

5.) People expect you to pay for their shit, when they’ve no right to expect that at all. Go hang out with a group some night, and yeah, you’ll be footing the bill.

6.) People automatically assume your life is perfect and cannot imagine that you could ever have problems or pressures just like they do.

7.) You walk around insanely conscious of how you’re coming across, all the time. If you do one thing even slightly wrong, no one considers that it might be out of social awkwardness, but instead they chock it up to you being a “rich asshole.” This goes hand-in-hand with being very careful to not drive too nice a car, or show off your cool stuff. Have a sweet boat? People think that’s cool. Be rich and have a sweet boat? You’re a rich, flashy asshole showing off.

8.) You’re probably rich because you’re a workaholic and struggle with work/life balance.

None of this is meant to make it sound like rich folk have it bad, necessarily, but having money can’t solve everything.”

#11. FFS.

“Gold sprinkles all over you food ffs.”

#10. Never knowing.

“Never knowing if others are “just in it for the money””

#9. Experience.

“Based on my own experience:

Ensuring that what you have is “working hard” enough. Is this investment worth it? Should I stay in for the long haul/ride it out, or jump to something potentially better?
Hiding your wealth from friends and family, who may become resentful at your success our your perceived lack of charity. The people in my life know I’m financially comfortable, but if they knew the whole truth, it could get very uncomfortable.
Fishing out scams from people who present you with investment opportunities.”

#8. Unions and stuff.

“Tfw your wage slaves start to unionize so you export their jobs to starving children in Cambodia.”

#7. It’s a real problem.

“Where to hide the dead bodies.”

#6. Your depression.

“Feeling like your depression isn’t justified.”

#5. Them for them.

“They never know if someone really loves them for them.”

#4. Resentful people.

“Resentful people when they show off their wealth. It’s no joke, a friend took me for a ride in his Lamborghini, people at stop lights and on the street were insulting him for no reason. They were calling him a capitalist pig, chanting to crash, one of them said he was the problem with the country. He says things like that happen every time he goes downtown and he’s used to it.”

#3. It blends with the cabinets.

“Finding the fridge while wasted bc it blends with the cabinets.”

#2. Social stress.

“So I don’t consider myself “rich” but my wife and I both are within the 95th percentile of income in the US. I grew up poor by middle class standards. Our rent was a week or more late, lived off white bread and peanut butter, I wore my dad’s old shirts to school, and my brother would wear the ones I didn’t.

One major thing I noticed was that as the stress of not paying your bills went away, social stress replaced it. all the politics in middle and high school it get worse as your wealth increases. People buck for different types of leverage in different ways for different motivations.”

#1. They still aren’t happy.

“Why they still aren’t happy.”

*wipes tear*