15 Real-Life Horrible Bosses Denying Requests For Time Off

If there’s one good thing that has come out of the past couple of years, it’s that employees seem to have at least a bit more power in the workplace. We’re able to demand more flexible working conditions and, in many cases, have finally truly learned the meaning of work-life balance – especially in the United States.

There are, as ever, employers who don’t seem to have gotten the memo, though…and I bet bosses like these 15 are going to find it harder and harder to keep good help around in the future.

15. At least there was legal recourse.

But the fact that they needed to use it…

14. You do NOT mess with people’s pets.

Only a monster doesn’t realize this on their own.

13. I hope she never called them back.

The absolute cold-hearted nerve.

12. The first incident would have been enough for me.

I would think most people would need the day off before their wedding.

11. What choice did she have?

They should never have put her in that position.

10. You’re not there for her…

You’re there for yourself. 

9. I’m glad she followed through.

We can’t just let that s*%t go.

8. I’m not sure a “scolding” was enough.

Unless you just couldn’t afford to quit.

7. May we all have the guts.

And the financial security to make this happen.

6. None of this is convenient, Sir.

If we could choose, we would not get cancer in the first place.

5. How dare you have a second sibling!

You had better pick a favorite!

4. You cannot just cancel that last minute.

I guess they learned the hard way.

3. I wouldn’t have bothered.

Boy, bye.

2. Waving the red flags right up front.

That was convenient, at least.

1. He did the right thing.

No matter how scary it might have seemed in the moment.

I hope we get to a point where no one has to work for people like this, don’t you?

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