15 Red Flags to Watch out for When Meeting New People, According to Reddit

Image Credit: Pixabay

Meeting new people is stressful enough, but when you’re in the market for new friend or a relationship, it can be extra rough. But thanks to Reddit, here are some tips and tricks for determining whether or not you should be running in the other direction, post haste.

15. Waiting to talk.

They don’t listen to what you say and respond accordingly, they only wait for you to stop talking so they can talk about whatever they want to talk about.

14. Not funny.

Belittling their SO in front of people but insisting its a joke every time! Sadly in this situation I used to be the belittled SO.

13. It goes both ways.

They don’t really listen to you or pay attention to what you’re talking about, but expect you to be totally engaged with whatever they say and act put out if you aren’t.

12. That would do it.

Everyone here talking about slightly negative people, but OP asked for the BIGGEST red flag, so I’m gonna go with having a swastika scar on their forehead.

11. Tuned out.

When they start talking about the tons of money I am going to be making with their new business venture in selling knives door to door

10. How to find the problem child.

One of my bosses once told me that whenever you start a new job/position uts usually the first person who tries really hard to be your friend is the problem child of the office. They’ll usually start telling you of people to avoid as well. I’ve found this very very useful.

9. They hog the spotlight.

I’ve seen a lot of answers along the lines of “when they say negative things about others” (which I agree with btw) but for me a huge red flag is when someone can’t let someone else receive praise or be the centre of attention.

I’ve met people in the past who have shown small signs of jealousy when I’ve praised mutual friends, siblings, strangers etc. and in each case it was indicative of bigger jealousy and self-esteem issues that led to some messed up stuff.

8. I’m broke, so joke’s on you.

When you barely know them and they act like your best friend….then later ask to borrow money.

7. This.

When they only talk about themselves.

6. So uncomfortable.

If they can’t take no for an answer.

5. Okay fine goodbye.

When you mention something you enjoy and they immediately put it down

“I enjoy going on photography walks around citys”

“That sounds really s**t”

Ok well kindly get lost Mr/ Mrs Stranger.

4. One thing in common.

usually when people speak of having a lot of people in their life that somehow turned on them and now they don’t speak anymore.

i remember one old coworker would become super fast friends with someone, then within weeks “yeah we dont really talk anymore” once, ill accept, hell even twice, but when its 4-5 times over…. guess what, its not everyone else

3. Not an obligation.

Subtle signs that they aren’t remotely interested in you, and the only way you two are together is maybe because an obligation / favor. People change their tune often when they have to conceal their feelings of disdain for someone.

2. Look in a mirror.

When they’re judgmental and critical of others, but never of themselves.

1. That’ll do it.

“HI, my name is ‘____’, and I’m an asshole.” Literally how the shop manager introduced himself to everyone. Like it’s an excuse.

Now you know!