15 Redditors Share Tricks for Falling Asleep When You’re Not Tired


There are times in life when you can give into your night owl tendencies. You can stay up as late as you want, have a couple of drinks, and binge something on Netflix until your eyes go blurry – it’s lovely.

There are more times, though, when what’s coming down the pike tomorrow is more than enough reason to try to get some shut eye, even if you’re not tired at nine or ten pm.

So how do you fall asleep before you’re ready? Well, these 15 Redditors have some tips!

15. Stories in my head.

I play some stories in my head. Like you’re suddenly a character in your favorite series and what would you do and stuff.

14. A world of my own.

I just make up stories in my head. Sometimes I’m in the world of a TV show I like or in my own little dream universe I made where I have made up characters and such. And eventually I just fall asleep doing this.

Edit:may not be that much but I’m actually really happy about 1.8k upvotes on my first comment ever. Thank you!

13. How It’s Melatonin.

How it’s Made. That shit should be called How it’s Melatonin.

12. Glad or annoyed.

basically I convince myself I’ve given up and go on my phone or play 3DS and make a plan to read something or play to a measurable point, so that there’s something that I WANT to stay awake for. Something that sleep would interrupt. Puts me right the fk to sleep, and I’m never sure if I should be glad or annoyed lol

11. Goodnight toes.

This is going to sound weird, but I slowly say good night to each of my body parts, starting with my toes and working up. Usually, I’m asleep by the time I hit my chest or so. If I’m not, I know it’s going to be a long night.

Let the reddit ridicule begin. 🙂

10. Works for my babies.

White noise, such as rain sounds.

9. Counting.

I learned a trick recently that helps me a lot.

I count backwards from 99. SLOWLY.

The key is to do it slowly, and I cannot emphasize the importance of that enough. Think the number, then take a pause that feels a little bit too long before thinking the next number, then take another pause.

99… pause…
98… pause…
97… pause…
96… pause…

The lowest I’ve ever counted is into the 60s or maybe the 50s before I fall asleep. Often, I’m asleep before I’m through the 80s. Sometimes I’ll lose track of what the next number is because I catch myself falling asleep, so I’ll start over, and I always fall asleep quickly after that.

Again, the key is to count backward… s l o w l y .

Before I started doing this, I used to toss and turn in bed for hours trying to fall asleep. But this knocks me out in minutes.

Maybe you’re wondering “Why start at 99? Why not 100?” If I start at 100, I hear Bono’s voice from the Rattle And Hum version of Bullet The Blue Sky, saying “Slappin’ ’em down… 100… 200…” which eventually leads to “Am I buggin’ you? Don’t mean to bug you” from Silver And Gold. And that bugs me, which makes it even harder to fall asleep, goddammit. So, I start at 99 instead, because fuck that.

8. The big sad.

Thinking about the big sad and cry myself to sleep.

7. Bob Ross.

Cheesy as it is, bob ross panting videos on youtube. He makes me feel safe an secure,

talking on and on about his animals,

i love falling asleep to the funny stories he tells about his paintings.

He calms me down a lot when I’m feeling anxious or upset (which is mainly the reason I stay up) and i can drift off dreaming about happy little clouds and trees, and a river that bob fishes in.

Or well catches a fish, gives it cpr, names it and gives him a little pat on the toot toot and sends him on his way lmao.

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6. Oldie but goodie.


5. Sad, but true.

Reading. It’s kinda sad but I’ve realized books put me to sleep now, even if it’s an exciting book.

Edit: many people are asking, so I’ll explain here: reading is not sad in itself, I love reading. I think it’s sad because reading started to put me to sleep, so I now read much less than I used to as a kid.

Oh, and thanks for the shinies!

4. Inside joke?

Thinking about all the gophers I didn’t run over in 2005

3. Not Reddit.

Well not reddit that’s for sure (sent at 2:47 in the morning)

Edit: I thankfully did end up falling asleep and yada yada etc. thanks for the silver

2. Like I’ve been knocked out.

This is so silly but I watch the 09 sherlock Holmes movie with rdj. Puts my ass right to sleep like i done been knocked out

1. This is why I fall asleep on my kid’s floor most nights.

Pretending to be asleep.

It can’t hurt to try, right?