15 Scientists Share Their Biggest Fails from the Field

Image Credit: Jim Jourdane

If you think about a scientist, your mind probably goes to someone in a lab, a white coat, a physicist in front of white board, or someone working at NASA.

Serious people.

Let me (and artist Jim Jourdane) relieve you of that notion, though, because these 15 scientists had to go into the field for their data and evidence – and they came away with some pretty embarrassing stories (along with, hopefully, the results they were hoping for).

15. I suppose he doesn’t understand if your Facebook says you’re in a relationship.

14. Well those lions just don’t have very good taste then, do they.

13. I feel like you should have seen that one coming.

12. I hope you had bail money.

11. It could have been worse, it seems like to me.

10. I need to know the conclusion of this tale.

9. Monkeys are no friends of mine.

8. Did he accept your apology?

7. I’m relieved you’re around to tell this story.

6. I hope that didn’t come out of your paycheck.

5. And that, kids, is called the circle of life.

4. I imagine passengers, the flight crew, and probably a few government agencies had some questions.

3. I’m guessing that’s pretty sexy?

2. Man this one made me cringe.

1. As long as you can read it, I don’t see the problem.

You guys, I just about peed my pants these were so funny and also totally cringe-worthy, which is my kind of humor.

Do you know a scientist? Are you one? Please, add your anecdote to the pile in the comments!