15 Stories About the Scarring and Gruesome Things People Witnessed Firsthand


Caution to those before you go any further – some of the stories told below are pretty gruesome.

This question posed to those on Reddit asked about the most effed up thing they ever saw. It seemed nothing was off limits to share, and some of the responses were very upsetting. Proceed with caution.

1. Mouthing the Words

I saw a guy get hit by a train as the train was slowing down for the station. The conductor saw him and was screaming at him to get out of the way. I can still see the conductor mouthing the words “OH FUCK” as the train hit the guy and threw him about 30 feet. The guy broke some bones but was otherwise ok. Cops had to find him because he tried to walk away. They found him in a convenience store about a quarter mile away.

2. Nightmare Ride

When I was 4 or 5 I was on a wagon ride with one of my cousins. There was a hole in the wagon floor where it had been built around the tractor for the event…I think it was Christmas in July.
Well this other little girl was sitting with her legs dangling in the hole and she kept putting her foot on the ridges of the tire because she could. She would move it to a lower one at the last second over and over again until one time she didn’t time it right. As a result her leg got caught.
It twisted her leg underneath the make shift wagon between the wood and the tire. It took a few seconds for her to scream and at least a full minute more (felt like longer) for the driver to realize it wasn’t just a kid being a little shit.
By the time they stopped and dislodged the girls leg it has tore all the skin off her ankle and up her leg so I could see all the exposed meat and bone and there was a trail of blood the few feet behind the truck before it had stopped.
I was scared so I got off and my cousin lost me in the chaos. So I was traumatized and then totally lost and terrified for like an hour. Woo. Fun times.

3. Deceased

Watching my dad roll off the couch dead when we thought he was taking a nap.

4. A Face

A face on the street.
A suicide vest bomber had blown himself up in a marketplace in Kandahar. By the time my team got there to do the post-blast analysis, they had cleared out all of the dead and wounded, but not all of the dismembered body parts. And then, off to the side of the street a little way from the blast site, a mostly intact face. Empty eyes, the nose was pretty mangled, only one ear was still attached. Our best analysis was that it was the bomber, and when he’d detonated his vest, the blast wave came up from his torso, cut the skin around the edge of his jaw and just peeled his face off.

5. Kid just needed help

My best friend in middle school was depressed and wanted to kill himself. He decided to invite me over to “talk”. In the middle of us talking, his parents in the other room, MID SENTENCE of me telling him why I felt like his life was worth living he pulls his dads gun out from under the covers, shoved the gun in his mouth and shot himself before I even had the chance to react. His parents came running in, everyone was screaming, all I remember was the world felt like it was in slow motion, my ears were ringing, and how I couldn’t stop looking at him, I was in shock. Felt like I stood there frozen forever but it was probably only a few seconds. I still think about it every day and what stuck with me most was the amount of blood. It’s nothing like you see in the movies and it literally comes out of everywhere….I’ll also never forget his dad screaming at me about how I didn’t stop him. “WHY DIDN’T YOU DO ANYTHING?!?!” “WHY DID YOU JUST LET HIM DO THAT?!?!” I didn’t know….he had me come over for talks all the time before this. I’ll also never forget having to go into the police station to make a statement and how they questioned me as to rather I knew he was going to do it. Like I was in on it. I felt terrible already and that only made me feel worse. I get its a process but I really felt like they were attacking me instead of helping a kid who clearly was in need of a therapist. They also made my parents leave the room and questioned me alone and that was scary.

6. Car Wreck

A wreck where the person was partially ejected through the sunroof before the vehicle rolled.

7. Brain Buster

I saw a motorcycle accident without a helmet. His brains were coated on the asphalt for about 100 yards.

8. Motorcycle Accident

I saw someone die with their guts in their hands once. Big ol’ truck hit a motorcyclist and, well… yeah. It looked like he was trying to put them back in.

9. So sad

Im a bit late, but I saw a lady pushing her buggy/stroller with her wee boy in it, he wasn’t strapped in, she went to cross the road and but didn’t see the bus coming, pushed the buggy down the kerb and the boy fell out and got hit by the bus. Horrible.

10. Falling

Back when I was visiting Pakistan, they had three story houses, some that were even relatively close to each other. A guy deciced it was a good idea to place a ladder from the top of one roof to another and climb across it since he was too lazy to just go down the normal way. He ended up falling and cracking his head open and I had the pleasure of seeing it first hand.

11. Emerald Park Shooting

I live in Eugene, Oregon. I witnessed the Emerald Park shooting in 2016. I was sitting at a bench, minding my own business when I hear a “bang”. I look up, and a kid at the skatepark went down, and there was an older man with a rifle. I hear another bang, and another kid goes down. I take cover behind a concrete pillar. I glance around the corner and see the gunman running away, so I take flight in the opposite direction, and sprint to my house. I heard one more gun shot on my way back. 2 dead, including the gunman, and 1 injured.

12. Haunting

Bunch of bouncers gunned down at a Russian nightclub
Decapitated body on the road after an accident
Not seen but heard in a hospital: the wailing of a mother who’d just lost her son. I’m a father and that sound will haunt me for the rest of my life.

13. Watery grave

I was working along a river as a cleaning crew when I found a rotten dead guy floating in the shallows. He was completely white except with dark purple lips.

14. Ugh….gross

It’s probably cheating because I’m in law enforcement, but here goes…
Got a call of possible shots fired near a big football stadium in my town around midnight. Usually these end up just being fireworks or, less often, a car backfiring. (Protip: Supersonic rounds have a very distinct “crack.” Subsonic rounds will sound pretty close to fireworks. If you hear the latter from a distance, you could be safe. If you hear the former from a distance, take cover!)
It was in my patrol district so I took the call. It was raining, cold, pretty dreary. Now, this was during football season, so there were a lot of these big tents set up all around the stadium.
I made a couple loops around the stadium. Nobody to be seen. I was about to radio it in as unfounded when I saw the silhouette of a man sitting in a folding chair under one of the tents.
I parked, got out, and approached slowly. It was very dark and hard to see him clearly, but it looked like he was slouched over, hanging his head. I didn’t want to use my flashlight for fear of giving my position away if he was up to something. As I got closer, I called out to him several times. He didn’t respond. Probably drunk and passed out, I figured.
I walked closer to him, approaching him from behind. Got under the tent. Put my flashlight on him, and immediately realized why he wasn’t responding. He wasn’t slouched over, hanging his head. His head was gone. Nothing from the neck up but part of his tongue. A shotgun was on the ground right next to him, so it wasn’t hard to figure out what happened.
After I called it in, I noticed that I could still feel raindrops falling on me. I hadn’t really thought about it, considering it was raining, and obviously I had more pressing matters on my mind. But why could I still feel raindrops falling on me under the tent?
Turned my flashlight up and immediately realized it wasn’t rain falling on me.
That uniform got thrown away.

15. Stop, drop, and roll

Playing as a child in my old close, man was burning some stuff on a bonfire. Decided he would throw petrol onto it standing stupidly close. Burst up into flames screaming, my younger brother who was with me at the time was obviously horrified. I sent him to go to the house to call an ambulance.
Whilst I shouted at him to stop drop and roll, i felt a bit useless but I was very young and that’s all I knew that could help..
He survived but had some pretty nasty burns and scars for the rest of his life