15 Jobs That Pay Way Better Than You Think

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There are some jobs that are just grossly overpaid, and then there are those jobs that are paid much better than you’d thing (and deservedly so).

The list below that Redditors shared has a little bit of everything, but the thing they have in common is that you’ll probably be shocked by the salary tag!

15. You don’t even need a degree.

Garbage collectors in New York are paid up to $112k, a solid salary considering you don’t even need a degree.

Sounds like a nice fallback plan for me.

14. A tough skill to learn.

Court reporting.

Stenography is a tough skill to learn, but plenty of court reporters earn over $100k.

And no college degree required (although most CRs will need to be certified).

13. Technical writing.

If you have the ability to take complex technical information and simplify it according to the reading audience, you can make well over $100K annually.

People ridicule English degrees until they find out how much can be earned as a technical writer.

12. Absolute cake.


If you are a senior member of a union you make absolute cake.

$180k plus a year.

11. Blew me away.

UPS drivers can make close to 100k if you stay there long enough

Blew me away when I first heard that

10. One that’s all operator.

Boiler operator.

Get paid $35/hour to play skyrim on switch while watching Netflix.

Just have to find one that’s all operator and no maintenance.

9. Secretly you’re on Reddit.

An office job but you’re secretly on reddit

8. Easy on the body.

Mobile crane operator.

Union guys pull over $200k and its a trade thats pretty easy on the body.

7. Not a lot of people even know about it.

Power lineman make bank. Not a lot of people even know about it.

6. Full control over my hours.

I fix hospital beds.

Will be making $100k within my first two years with full benefits.

I also have full control over my hours.

5. Significantly worth the payout.

I work at home as a closed captioner broadcaster for the News. I make my own schedule and make between $35-$65 per hour depending on the job. Large investment to get started but significantly worth the payout.

4. A lot of options to advance.

Airline dispatcher.

A girl I dated many years ago I met because she was living in my town training to be an airline dispatcher. There are just a handful of schools that teach it.

I had no idea what an airline dispatcher was, let alone how much money they get paid. Dispatchers at FedEX can make $150,000 per year or more. It also gives you a lot of options to advance at an airline, like being station chief at an airline.

The girl I dated had a dream to one day be Air France Station Chief in Tahiti. I don’t know if she made it or not.

3. And I work in recruiting.

I don’t know if this is true in other cities but T and bus operators in Boston make bank. I’ve rarely met a higher paid, less engaged group of employees in my life and I work in recruiting.

EDIT: Since this seems to have attracted some attention, here is an article on the subject of MBTA salaries.


#2. Easy money for sitting on your arse.

I drive machinery in a coal mine in Australia.

I make about 170k. Even our new trainees are paid pretty well, about $48 per hour.

I think it ends up being close to 90-100k.

Easy money for sitting on your ars* in an air conditioned cab.

1. Something brag-worthy.

Self employed cleaning services (i don’t know exactly what to call it)

My parents started getting paid $35 an hour cleaning a community center to ~$50 from cleaning offices.

My mom started it then my dad joined in to help her with the hours and taking care of the house and kids.

Eventually my mom got good contacts, and started cleaning the offices of managers from factories, Sacramento politicians, and stuff alike.

Can’t express how proud i am of my mom. She turned all those shitty Hispanic cleaning lady jokes into something brag worthy.

Which one surprised you the most?