11 Things About America That Non-Americans Think Are Really Weird


Although we feel like we live in such an interconnected world and walls and barriers have been broken down across cultures, we still have a lot of differences with our fellow humans around the world.

Bottom line: a lot of people think some of the things we Americans do are downright weird. And they’re not shy about letting us know, apparently.

So let’s hear from the following 11 people and see what they have to say about ‘Merica!

1. Rockmelon? What?

More like CANoulope!

2. That’s weird

I mean… that’s kind of negative, though, so…

3. Have you tried it, friend?

Because if you tried it, maybe you wouldn’t be so judgey!!

4. We’re…okay

I mean… school mascots are fun. What do you all have?!

5. Oh, it’s true!

We have silent letters. What can I say? Shut it!


6. Don’t mess with our Cheetos

Oh come on… you didn’t think they were microwaved… liar.

7. Uncomfortable AF

Really? Circles aren’t round? Come on bro….

8. Pregaming!

I think we all feel the same about drinking before drinking. We’re ALL alcoholics!

9. The only way to go!

I don’t even know what to say to this idiocy. Go away!

10. Uh oh

No. We don’t. We say butt. Or a**. Or booty.

Okay, maybe we are kind of weird… but that’s America f**kers! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Alright, so that was vulgar. Sorry. Sometimes I can’t help myself.

Which of these did you agree with? Which of these did you think was like, “Well, yeah! What else would it be?!?”

Tell us in the comments!