15 Things That People Think Definitely Do Not Make You Look Cool

Image Credit: Pixabay

It’s pretty funny when you know someone is trying to be cool, but whatever their attempting is totally falling flat.

And I’m not just talking about fashion or hairstyles I don’t get or wouldn’t personally wear. I mean people who are really  trying. I mean, like…

Well, these 15 examples from Reddit will let you see what I mean:

15. Yeah, this is a hard pass.

Bragging about not reading.

14. Uh-oh, I wear these too.

I un-ironically like wearing fingerless gloves. For actual tasks, not just out and about. When people ask me why I wear them I tell them it’s because I’m so cool.

I’m not exactly certain HOW uncool they make me, but I know it’s a lot.

13. Some people deserve to have their speaker option disabled.

Having a phone conversation on a loudspeaker in public, or blasting s**tty music from a cheap over saturated BT speaker on public transport .

We get it, negative attention is also attention, but taking over a public space with your edginess – is just being an asshole.

12. Jokes are supposed to be funny.

Being an a**hole while hiding being the “it’s just a joke, stop taking it seriously.

Why can’t you take a joke” statements.

11. There are exceptions to every rule.

The most surefire way to not look cool is to do something that you think makes you look cool.

10. General Rule: people who actually have money don’t have to show it to you.

Posting photos of cash on social media.

I always think it is funny how doing that is commonly accepted whereas if you screenshotted your bank account or net worth you’d be an asshole

9. It’s literally not that hard.

Never admitting when you’re wrong.

It may seem like a confidence power play, however, most people just don’t care enough about you to say anything or indicate that they noticed.

They’ll just slowly drift away from you till one day you’re all alone wondering why no one with any level of competence wants to hang out/work with you.

8. Just like what you like.


It’s f**kin stupid to attack someone who enjoys a hobby only just because doesn’t put his life on it.

7. Why are visors a thing, period?

I’ve been into the import tuner scene for close to 20 years at this point.

Now this was more a style of the time say 15 years ago.

Backwards upside down visor hats. WTF? Why was that a thing? It’d make more sense to walk around with an onion tied to your belt.

6. Being close-minded doesn’t make you cool.

Hating all genres of music except the one they like, I learned this the hard way by only liking heavy metal and s**tting on all other music without giving a chance as a teen.

Metals still my favourite but all genres have good music

5. Bad habits aren’t cool.

I was trying to explain to someone why I gave up coffee.

I was addicted and I had started to suffer from insomnia. If I went too long (maybe like an hour or two) without one, I would begin to shake and migraines would set in. Basically just normal effects of over doing caffeine. She asked me how many I was having, and basically tried to turn it into this competition of “oh I drink more coffee than you, omg im so quirky and sleep deprived haha”.

Stop turning bad habits and other people’s issues into a competition of how badly you treat your body. It doesn’t make you cool.

4. There should be more noise ordinances and also get off my lawn.

Please stop blasting your music in places where people cannot escape it.

i see your earbuds in your pocket.


3. Really cool, Mr. Office Space.

One upping and putting other people down to make yourself look good.

Rife in white collar jobs. I despise people who do it.

2. Please just stop.

When people play their music loud at the gas pumps.

1. I mean how about you do something about that? THAT would be cool.

People who say things like “I’m just an asshole!”

No. You lack the emotional maturity to deal with others and use nastiness as a defense.

It’s not cool as a trait.

Try be nice.

Just something to think about the next time “looking cool” is on your to-do list!

Do you do any of these things? Have you see worse? Admit it in the comments – if you dare!