15 Things That Sound Fun, But People Say Are Actually Terrible


You can consider these 15 posts your fair warning that not everything that seems to be actually is – how philosophical!

But while you probably already knew that, sometimes it’s nice to have specifics.

Just in case.

15. All the time.

A job that involves travelling pretty much all the time. People will be like “oh, you get to travel and visit all these new places!”. Yes, that and not having a stable home, hotel living, not being able to even buy a three pack of something or do groceries since you’ll be traveling again next week. It gets exhausting!

Edit: Job is management consulting. I’ve been traveling for three and a half years now. If you’re young with no big attachments, consider it. I’ve visited many, many places. I was just in the Uyuni salt flats this weekend. I’m traveling to Ecuador (for the second time) next week. However, as I mentioned, it gets really exhausting. Everything you own is packed in two suitcases. Flying home every three months. 12 to 14 hour work days with a lot of pressure.
I travel with my team and my boyfriend (which is awesome, tbh), so i do get to party and visit places.

How long you can handle it depends on your goals in life. At 28, I’m done with it. Luckily, I got hired by an awesome multinational company and I’m starting my new job in two months. So there’s the bright side. Good experience, but it is exactly that. An experience, not a good lifestyle.

14. Actually the worst thing ever.

when i was a kid, my dad worked at the local deli in town to make some cash on the side and i thought it was the coolest job EVER. i loved walking in and seeing him work and even though it was making sandwiches and prepping catering orders, i always like “when i’m old enough to get a job that’s what i’m gonna do!”

well, i turn 14 and the bosses offer me a job almost as soon as my birthday came around. i used to think working in a restaurant was the coolest thing in the world…. until i worked in food service and it actually is the worst thing ever. nothing better than working long hours for minimum and being screamed at by rude and angry customers.

i think what made it seem cool was just that my dad is a generally calm and happy guy, so he made working a pretty difficult job seem fun because he had such a calm demeanor about it. for that i give him a ton of respect

EDIT:// wow didn’t expect this to get this much notice. to clarify some things: i didn’t hate my job. it was a lot of hard work for minimal pay but the bosses always treated me well. but i don’t have the patience to handle it for as many years as he did. he was able to deal with a lot of stuff with a smile on his face that would normally cause a lot of people (like myself) to absolutely lose their shit. it was a great job, but it wasn’t the perfect job that i imagined it as when i was little

13. Too much scheduling.

Being a swinger. The idea of a ton of novel sex sounds great but it doesn’t really work that way. You have to spend all your time looking for people to hook up. Get connected enough that a meet up can get scheduled. More scheduling. Crappy sex with strangers you may or may not really find attractive. Awkward emotional stuff to ‘ work through’ with your partner. Oh yeah and your partner is having sex with people ypu may find simply awful. In the end it’s all logistics and embarrassing situations.

12. A lot of work.

Renting a paddleboat. You see them sitting there and think it would be nice to get out on the water, but you quickly realize that it’s a very inefficient way to power a boat and you just return to the dock 20 minutes after you set off.

11. Here’s the truth.

having lived in a coastal state all my life, it never fails to baffle me how people flock to the beach on a 100 degree scorcher of a day. burning hot sand! swarms of people with little to no regard for personal space! sweat dripping everywhere! not my idea of summertime fun, but to each his own. on a side note, whenever I tell someone my ideal time to go to the beach is in september/october, they look at me like i’m a three headed dragon.

10. Not so idyllic.

Living in a little village on a mountain. Everything is super expensive, and everyone’s an alcoholic.

9. The reality is much different.

Being a videogame QA tester.​

I’ve had a handful of people aspiring to be video game testers, thinking that testing games as in ‘playing them’ – and I mean games only – all the time is a quick and easy way to make your hobby your job while making money in the process.

The reality is much different and not nearly as fun as one may think.

You will be playing the same boring part in a game over and over and over again,

let along the game might not be even that good to begin with.

Soon enough you’ll be completely burnt out, sick of playing games.

8. A lesson learned.

Food fights.

7. Not so much.

Having sex in a bath or jacuzzi.

6. Preach.

Becoming an adult.

5. Choose your television.

New Years Eve in Times Square.

4. I mean I kind of still want to go.

La Tomatina.

Massive tomato fight in a small village in Spain. 20,000 participants in a narrow street, drunk,full bladders packed in like sardines. National guard is there to monitor. Then they force the trucks through to drop tomatoes on you to throw at others:

  • you will get stepped on,

  • you will get peed on/pee on someone,

  • you will have tomato in every crevice,

  • you will have to throw out everything you wore that day.

3. Be careful what you wish for.

Being in bed all day. Maybe fun once in a while. Not fun when it’s every day (chronic illness).

2. There’s no workman’s comp for that.

Shower sex. I’ve fallen once or twice

1. Wait for it.

Waking up to a blowjob. I thought I would enjoy it but it was the worst experience I have ever had. I will tell you one thing though, I will never fall asleep on a park bench with my mouth open again.

Did any of these surprise you? As for me, I’m not going to be moving to a mountainside town anytime soon I guess…