15 Things That Were Probably Designed by a Genius


There are cool inventions, and then there are products that are so brilliantly simple and totally useful that you turn green with envy, unable to believe that you didn’t think of it first (and you aren’t the one now making bank).

Inventing things is harder than you think, though, and there’s a good chance the minds behind these 15 things are truly unique.

15. Tablets to clean your water bottle or travel mug.

Image Credit: Amazon

Reaching the bottom of those things and getting all of the gunk scrubbed out is a pain – but these biodegradable, chlorine-free tablets do all of the work for you.

14. Touch-up razors for on the go.

Image Credit: Amazon

Easily swipe away peach fuzz or stray hairs on your chin or eyebrows, and with built-in guards, no worries about cuts, either!

13. A cream that will tame your flyaway baby hairs.

Image Credit: Amazon

Those annoying hairs that ruin your perfectly sleek updo will be gone for good – victory!

12. Charcoal air fresheners for your shoes or bag.

Image Credit: Amazon

They’ll banish lingering smells wherever you leave them by absorbing excess moisture and preventing mold, mildew, and bacteria buildup. Best part? They can last for up to two years!

11. A setting spray to give your makeup a professional finish.

Image Credit: Amazon

The lightweight spray sets your makeup and makes everything look perfectly matte, no matter how humid and sweat-inducing your day.

10. A must-have snow removal tool.

Image Credit: Amazon

It’s long handle lets you remove snow from your roof, the top of your car, or tall bushes without using a ladder – or getting a face full of snow.

9. Cuticle oil that targets weak nails to restore strength.

Image Credit: Amazon

It’s made from jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E and will also soften your cuticles.

8. Tablets to clean your dishwasher, not your dishes.

Image Credit: Amazon

Lime and icky smells can build up in your machine and reduce their cleaning capabilities – that’s where these babies come in.

7. Ice trays that will let you make ice that fits neatly into your water bottle.

Image Credit: Amazon

These stackable trays make stick-like cubes that fit easily into your insulated bottle, and the silicone material makes for easy ice removal.

6. This jewelry cleaning brush.

Image Credit: Amazon

Hallelujah, because having to take your jewels into the store to get them to shine is annoying.

5. Clips that go on your car vents so you never have to eat ketchup-less fries again.

Image Credit: Amazon

The clips work with horizontal or vertical vent slats and hold packets from all major fast food chains. Need.

4. This portable LED sensor light.

Image Credit: Amazon

You’re bound to feel more secure with this magnetic, waterproof light detecting motion up to 13 feet away.

3. This ice-scraper that’s totally extra.

Image Credit: Amazon

The SnoShark removes snow and ice without scratching the glass, and can extend to 39-inches long while still folding down to a compact storage size.

2. An insulation kit to bulk up your windows.

Image Credit: Amazon

The crystal clear film is easy to install and keeps cold air out and warm air in. Boom.

1. A thermal windshield cover.

Image Credit: Amazon

If you park outside in the winter, this is the product you’ve been waiting for – the side panels tuck inside your front doors, so it can’t be stolen, it keeps your windshield (and your side mirrors!) free of ice and snow, and securely attaches.

I definitely wish I’d thought of these things, but I know in my heart I never would have, no matter how much time I had.

Have you ever invented something? Have you ever had an idea “stolen” by someone who got there first? Tell us about it in the comments!