15 Threatening Signs That We Think Are Jokes


These signs sure are funny because they’re just jokes…right?

At least, I think they’re supposed to be sarcastic.

I guess you never know, though…

So it’s up to you to go through these signs and you can be the judge…

1. Good luck in there.

It’s only fair from ScarySigns

2. Probably shouldn’t go in there.

This sign at my uncles house… from funny

3. Get those vaccinations, people!

I noticed a new sign at my doctors office from funny

4. Might be in there for a while.

This corn maze sign from funny

5. Don’t pull over. Ever.

State Prison - Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers

6. Here is Exhibit A.

Presenting Exhibit A from funny

7. This guy needs his beauty sleep.

I have well meaning neighbours who knock on my door at all times (ALL TIMES) to inform me of neighbourhood discord. However I work shift. My Gf thinks this sign is too aggressive, but I think they understand my sense of humour. What do you think? from pics

8. Kind of violent.

This sign. from funny

9. Not going near that.

Nope. from ScarySigns

10. You might be a YouTube star!

Gotta be bold to urinate in public in Tirana, Albania from ScarySigns

11. I’m going away for a while…

This sign at my local Orthodox church… from funny

12. You should probably take this sign seriously.

At the Hippo Exhibit from ScarySigns

13. Keep on crying.

Crying is not an emergency. from TrollCoping

14. Love them…as a meal.

Alligators love kids from ScarySigns

15. This one is definitely NOT a joke.

Texas, home of the world’s scariest sign. from pics

These signs all put a big smile on my face!