15 Thrift Store Employees Dish on the Weirdest Donation They Ever Received

Image Credit: Pixabay

If you’ve been in a thrift store and spent some time perusing the shelves, then maybe these 15 items won’t surprise you. But then again, maybe they will.

#15. Two kittens

“In the six years I’ve worked there (still working there), we’ve received two kittens. They were in the donations so we didn’t see them when they were initially dropped off. Both went home with different coworkers. The most recent incident was this past Thursday.”

#14. That’s not how any of this works

“A neighbor who’s a thrift store worker told me that – during the night – someone dropped off 2 dead deer (recently hunted) with a note reading: “Please sell the venison.””

#13. I was prepared to argue

“Not a worker but I found a pair of prosthetic legs when I was in my mid twenties.

They were fifteen bucks. At least that’s what the tags on the bottom said. I was prepared to argue if it was per leg instead if as a pair.

My band used one as a Tip Leg when we played live for years.

I still have them in storage somewhere.”

#12. Did it sell, though?

“A taxidermied coyote.”

#11. Completely unwilling

“A collection of Ouija boards. A couple of them were obviously homemade, one of them was glow-in-the-dark and one of them was a glitter Ouija board. There were about 15. Of course, the thrift shop that I worked for was completely unwilling to keep those in stock.”

#10. They wanted to call the cops

“There was a bong in a box of donations. The little old ladies who run the thrift shop wouldn’t touch it and wanted to call the police to come get it.”

#9. Lots of TMI

“Two black garbage bags of unprocessed marijuana leaves. Lost and lots of used dolls. A Jean jacket with a dragon jacking off on the back, and lost of Polaroids of peoples genitals.”

#8. But why?

“I worked at a Goodwill for a year, someone donated their entire video game collection, Ataris all the way up to Sega Saturns and N64s, tons of games. I was like… but why.”

#7. Every Friday morning

“My best friend used to work at Goodwill. Said they had someone, for the longest time every friday morning, theyd get to the store and someone had dropped off like a stack of toilet seats overnight, the white ones, and they were always stained yellow and brown and nasty as fuck.”

#6. Two live chickens

“My mom used to work at one and she said they opened a box to find two live chickens.”

#5. Their soul

“used underwear​

someone tried to donate their soul”

#4. Magic 8-Ball Jesus

“A neon pink magic eight ball Jesus statue. I don’t think we ever sent it out for sale, it was just too weird to give up.

We also had a lot of people drop off garbage as a “donation” so that they didn’t have to deal with taking it to the dump themselves, which was always frustrating. Some of the worst instances:

a Rubbermaid bin full of dead fish
a cabbage
a bag of underwear soiled by menstrual blood
Edit: A picture of the statue: https://imgur.com/a/5pPWMOZ”

#3. Needless to say

“I found a family picture of a black guy, his mom, and his little sister (or his baby) and his graduation. It was in a very personalized frame.

It was priced for 50 cents.

Needless to say , I bought it and it’s been in my living room ever since.”

#2. Get the police involved

“High end prosthetic arm. Grenades and guns get donated all the time and we have to get police involved since for all we know they could have been used in a crime. Various forms of sensitive documents like passports, marriage licenses, and custody papers. Unfortunately common but I hate when people leave sharps like knives and syringes in bags of clothes – huge safety risk for us, especially our supported workers. Put sharp items in a separate bag and tell us there’s knives in there if you can.”

#1. A tri-hoof base

“We got a lamp which was made from the leg of a cow with 2 extra hooves sewn on so that it had a tri hoof base. Another was a nasty sewing stool/pin holder which had shoes, stockings and a dress on as to appear like the lower half of a small child but under the short “dress/skirt” were these nasty smoke tainted lace granny panties that had clearly seen some action. But hey it was 4.99 and believe or not, it sold after 3 weeks. See image here: http://imgur.com/gallery/7TSIm0C

Some people live interesting lives, I tell ya.