15 Times People Had One Job but Couldn’t Get It Done

It’s got to be a rough day when you realize that, even though you only had one job to do, you failed miserably.

That said, we all have bad days, and not-so-awesome hours at work, and stuff happens, right? So, I guess we’ll have to give these 15 people and their fails a pass…this time.

15. Boys can like pink.

It might be a little confusing for your non-woke guests, though.

14. I have just SO many questions.

But not why someone would assault a dentist. That, I understand.

13. I really hope whoever got this remote can read.

And isn’t already dyslexic.

12. This would drive me mad.

And I don’t even have OCD.

11. How does this even happen.

If there was no picture, I wouldn’t believe it.

10. I’m imagining someone with anxiety never being able to go inside.

Just standing there, staring at the sign forever.

9. I wouldn’t know whether to be angry or to laugh.

Probably both.

8. Maybe put the sign up on the curb?

Practice what you preach, people.

7. Can’t even kick a fork out of the way?

That is some peak lazy right there.

6. There is definitely some kind of fail here.

I’m just not sure who it belongs to, or maybe both?

5. Built it literally on the highest point.

It’s not a castle, Sir.

4. This is just funny.

I would treasure that forever.

3. That’s one order to choose.

Have you seen a human body, though?

2. Maybe Jesus works there?

How inspiring.

1. Should have known that would come back to haunt you.

Or to haunt all of us, I guess.

I’m laughing so hard that I hope these people are having a better day today!

What’s your biggest fail like these? We all have them, so fess up in the comments!