15 Times People Reacted in Totally Different and Hilarious Ways

It’s funny how two different people can have vastly different perspectives about the same exact thing.

Some people see the class as half empty, some see it as half full, and sometimes these two different perspectives juxtaposition each other perfectly.

Take for instance these 15 times people reacted in a totally different and hilarious way.

1. Affirmative

A phrase which here means, “yep, that’s him.”


2. Hmm.

I just. I can’t. Why?

Two types of people in this world… from funny

3. Which one are you?

I’m definitely the second. You’re an adult, and I’m not your mom.


4. You know what they say about biscuits

The bigger the biscuit…the longer it takes to bake?

You got some big biscuits. from funny

5. I mean, I’d always rather not pay

But also, everyone’s gotta make a living somehow.


6. Once more, there are two kinds of people

Which one are you?

I too need a jumper from twokindsofpeople

7. Are you surprised?

I had no idea you could review a police station online.

Police station’s reviews from twokindsofpeople

8. Each sentence contains every letter of the alphabet

Which would you choose?


9. Yes and yes

Plus they’re much easier to take on the go.


10. Weirdly this makes me WANT to study

Apparently I’ve been doing it all wrong. One lemon-water please.


11. Hell YES they are

Whether they prefer serene lakes or fiery explosions.


12. This is about to turn into a horror film

The Harvestman is coming…to harvest YOU!


13. There’s no need to fight

But yeah, the ocean would win, it’s fre*king massive.


14. Oh no

Oooh noooo…


That last one got me good. I’ll never be able to look at Olaf the same way again. OR biscuits. (Who am I kidding, I’m still gonna eat biscuits, regardless of their size.)

How about you? Are you a study with fancy pens type of a person or a munching on deliciously unhealthy chips kind of person?

Let us know in the comments!