15 People Share Their ‘Oh S***, Here We Go Again’ Stories

Image Credit: Pixabay

You know when something happens and the whole room stops, looks at each other, and thinks, “Oh, shi*t”?

YEP. 15 times when you just can’t stop yourself.

#15. Your weekly routine.

When you have to wake up early to get back into your weekly routine for school/college/work after a holiday or break

#14. I have to deal.

“The government watchdog is coming in next week for an audit.”

It’s never that big a deal but it means I have to deal with stressed out colleagues who think it is.

#13. How unfair.

I lost my mom unexpectedly when I was 12. So when my dad literally dropped dead in our apartment when I was 18 that’s really all that went through my head, “not again.” Couldn’t wrap my head around how unfair that shit was.

#12. He was in the bushes again.

My neighbor thinks he’s Jon Voight from Anaconda when he gets drunk. I saw him slamming beers on his porch yesterday and a few hours later he was in the bushes looking for snakes and speaking with a shitty accent.

#11. The smallest hint of a sore throat.

When I start getting the smallest hint of a sore throat.

Im gonna hate life for the next week or so.

#10. One more time for good luck.

When my older brother’s new girlfriend announced she was pregnant. This will be my brother’s fifth child, having four with his ex-wife.

#9. On full alert.

Hearing my kid start coughing at about 4 am this morning. Whenever he gets a cough it gets so bad he starts puking. Had to move him to the couch with towels and a bucket. That retching noise puts me on full alert immediately. Ugh.

#8. A 4th cat.

When my wife came home with a 4th cat.

#7. Talking to strangers.

When my father starts talking to strangers. We will be waiting for the next hour at least, while he talks to his new friends.

#6. And I quote.

everytime we have a family dinner and my parents start talking about introducing me to, and I quote “a potential future husband”

#5. A bad replacement.

My super chill project manager who respected our knowledge and experience was replaced with a micromanager.

#4. An angry lady at Walmart.

When the angry lady at Walmart started raising her voice at the cashier because her coupon expired.

#3. A vague excuse.

When I still lived at home it was any time my dad made some vague excuse to leave the house on foot. He would disappear to the pub for at least 3 or 4 hours, sometimes longer, and we would never know what kind of mood he’d be in when he returned home.

So, yeah. Here we go again every time I heard ‘I’m just going for a haircut’ or to place a bet or pick up a prescription.

#2. Every month.

When I’m getting my period.

#1. Monday morning.

6am every Monday morning as I wake up for work.

I love these posts!