15 Tumblr Posts That Will Slay Anyone Who Interacts with Guys

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It might be stereotyping, and sure, not every guy you’ve met or will meet resembles the sentiments of this post, but that said…some of them will. Maybe even more than half. That’s what makes these jokes so funny, so don’t think about it too hard. Go with it, for the lark.

You know. Like a guy would.

15. Preach!

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14. I mean, it’s almost never bad advice

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13. …you don’t feel badly about this, do you?

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12. “…but go on.” Lololol.

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11. Who knew manners could be so useful?

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10. Stop right there

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9. I mean, animals do have good instincts

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8. “tittied downwards.” Snort.

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7. It took two whole days?

6. Drama is our business

5. Totally want to be this girl’s friend

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4. Mansplaining. It’s not just for the Internet anymore.

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3. Ain’t nobody got time for that

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2. Best points

Photo Credit: Tumblr,hotdadcalendar

1. Truth

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