15 TV Shows You’ve Never Seen Because They Never Aired

There are about a million reasons that an idea for a television show, or even one that has been made into a pilot, might never make it to air.

Most of those reasons have to do with marketing and money concerns, but not all of them!

Keep reading to learn about 15 television shows you might (or might not) be sorry you never got to see.

15. The Single’s Table

Image Credit: IMDB

This 2007 attempt to fill the role Friends left behind featured a bunch of singles who met at a wedding.

14. Garbage Pail Kids

Image Credit: IMDB

In 1987, CBS was going to bring us this irreverent gem but caved to parental outrage and pulled the plug.

13. Captain America

Image Credit: IMDB

It turns out that basing a cartoon series on comic book material doesn’t really work in this instance.

12. Members Only

Image Credit: Wikipedia

John Stamos was set to star in this mashup of America and Downton Abbey, but one of the developers wigged and ABC pulled out.

I guess shows about rich white people in the past only works if they’re British?

11. The Cops

Image Credit: Deadline

This one was canceled, along with its creator Louis C.K.

Sorry, not sorry.

10. Hieroglyph

Image Credit: Alechetron

This was an ancient Egyptian version of Game of Thrones, but in the end, it was scrapped for being too similar to HBO’s hit series.

9. Heathers

This was paused in 2018 after concerns about real life school shootings.

8. Angels ’88

Image Credit: eBay

This revival of Charlie’s Angels was waylaid by the writer’s strike and never got off the ground.

7. Snip

This highly anticipated 1976 sitcom was reportedly canceled after one of the main characters came out as gay.

6. Commando Nanny

One of the Survivor producers tried his hand at a sitcom, but after the cast suffered a broken foot, lung surgery, and a showrunner that jumped ship he had to admit that it wasn’t meant to be.

5. The Don Hornsby Show

Image Credit: Historic Long Beach

Don Hornsby died of polio just days before this first variety show was supposed to begin shooting – the concept, of course, marched on.

4. The Grubbs

Image Credit: IMDB

Randy Quaid, Carol Kane, and Michael Cera starred in what reviewers dubbed “the worst sitcom ever produced.”

It was canceled two days before airing.

3. Manchester Prep

Image Credit: EP Guides

This was supposed to be a prequel to Cruel Intentions, but ended up being a second film – Cruel Intentions 2 – instead.

2. Flip it Forward

Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly

HGTV canceled this house-flipping show after they found out their muscled stars thought homosexuals were “demonic.”

1. Jingles

Image Credit: CBS

The Voice but for commercial jingles, and hosted by Gene Simmons.

I legit have no idea how this didn’t happen.

I have to say, I’m not sure we’re missing out on any gems here.

What do you think? Tell us which of these you would have most wanted to see in the comments!