These Stories Show Much the Student Debt System Negatively Affects People’s Lives


The student debt crisis in America has become a hot-button issue not just for graduates and universities, but also for politicians. Some are arguing for debt forgiveness and eventually free education, while others believe the system is working just fine the way it has been for years.

All of these posts will make you feel for these folks and it might even remind you of your own financial situation.

Take a look.

1. Sad, but true

2. Not the same

3. Yikes

4. In a nutshell

5. Mystifying

6. The short end of the stick

7. A trap

8. Doesn’t seem right…


9. Punished for success

10. Triggered


11. No way around the truth


12. That is unbelievable

13. F it all


14. Like a prison


What do you think about this incredibly divisive topic?