15 Tweets About Tacos That Will Make Your Mouth Water

©Wikimedia Commons

How do you feel about tacos? I mean, how do you really feel about tacos.?

I guess I should probably just level with you and tell you it’s an obsession, tacos and I.

If you feel the same way I do, these tweets will speak directly to your soul.

1. Same here


2. I’m in charge here


3. I’m with you, sir


4. What?!?!

5. That’s actually better than S-E-X

6. I’m still not over it


7. It’s an emergency

8. Please, no!

9. I’ve been wondering the same thing…

10. We can dream, can’t we?


11. That’s love


12. The look

13. Hey o!

14. Well, duh…

15. That’s why they are magic

Is it taco time yet?

Just waiting around for it to be taco time… !!!