15 Tweets That’ll Make People Who Hate Kids…Kinda like Kids


How do you feel about kids? Do they light up your world and make you happy? Or do they totally annoy the hell out of you and drain your soul?

If it’s the latter, hopefully you don’t have any of your own.

But, wait! The kids in these tweets actually seem pretty awesome and they might just change your mind…take a look at these and see if your opinion gets swayed at all…

1. I love this kid!

2. Serious stuff

3. That is awesome

4. I regret to inform you…

5. Nice work

6. Dabbing

7. Attack bird

8. LOL

9. Pretty creepy

10. Say nothing

11. Yes!

12. Interview with the cat

13. Snack time

14. They need to know

15. Always erase the history

So what side of the fence are you on now…?