15 Interesting Ways People Found Things They Lost


There’s a good chance that at some time in your life you’ve managed to lose or misplace a treasured object. That feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’re sure you’ll never see it again is one of the least fun experiences of being human (in my humble opinion).

So you can see why these 15 stories of people reunited with their beloved things are not only crazy, but totally heartwarming. Go ahead, scroll this list and tell me you don’t come out on the other end happy and amazed.

15. This dog hid his favorite toy before passing away, and his owner didn’t find it until it had turned into a gorgeous memorial. I’m not crying – YOU’RE CRYING.

Photo Credit: Reddit,Amsterdaam

14. Grandpa hung his skates on a tree when he was a kid and forgot about them…until he “found” them (I’m guessing many) years later. This is creepy, for some reason.

Photo Credit: Reddit,Dspot116

13. Several instances of gardeners who lost their wedding rings and found them in carrots. I’d be suspicious of the carrots. Just saying.

Photo Credit: Reddit,ebenonce

12. How did you lose the zip-off portion of your pants? And where were they hiding for a decade?

Photo Credit: Reddit,collindean

11. When you find your ticket to see Prince 29 years too late. Womp-womp.

Photo Credit: Reddit,Flower_King

10. This fisherman dropped his wallet in Lake Attersee in Austria. He fished it out with one of his nets…20 years later.

Photo Credit:Reddit,-F1ngo

9. When you’re late for work because your toddler needed your keys…

Photo Credit: Reddit,feinkvi

8. Dad lost his reading glasses, and two years later, the mechanic found them

Photo Credit: Reddit,chequesformike

7. His dad found this while trying out his new metal detector, and even though it was years later, the kid was still glad his dad had no clue what he’d found

Photo Credit: Reddit,xxJOHNNYUTAHxx

6. He dropped his wallet in the ocean. 24 years later, someone found it. Side note: someone did a great job with that laminator.

Photo Credit: Reddit,shrivel

5. This is so incredibly awesome

Photo Credit: Twitter,zugenia

4. At least he returned it

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. This lost ring got stuck in a strange spot – a computer monitor

Photo Credit: Reddit,CDXXnoscope

2. This guy lost his wallet, only to find out that the accident inspired a drinking contest in his honor

Photo Credit: Twitter,timburrows

1. This guy lost his tie, then went to visit his wife at her school library…tie located #harrypotter #ravenclawpride

Photo Credit: Reddit,PaiMei

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