16 Bosses Who Deserved To Be Publicly Shamed

Image Credit: Reddit

There are good bosses out there, and they deserve to be celebrated – managing people is a hard job, and working for someone who does it well is a blessing that many people will never know.

Sadly, there are plenty of really crappy bosses out there. People who revel in lording their power over others, who pass the buck, blame the next person down on the totem pole, and always take credit for the successes of their underlings.

Those are the sort of bosses we’re talking about here – and these 16 really take the sh*t cake.

16. I think they’re operating on different definitions of “new.”

But I mean…that’s no one’s definition of new.

"Boss, we need new tools", "You just got new tools" from pics

15. This tool is going to get someone killed.

I hope he was reported and there was no reprisal.

my boss thought it would be a good idea to play drag racing. on his iPad. while driving a truck. on the highway. from WTF

14. What in the actual heck is going on here.

How is this an adult person in charge of ANYTHING?

Quarantine or not this is whathow my boss eats… from pics

13. That thermometer can’t even read it!

I still think this is better than it being too cold, though.

[deleted by user] from mildlyinfuriating

12. I would really like to know the dumbash reason behind this, because you know he has one.

Just why would you be so wasteful on purpose?

Our boss doesn’t let us take any home! from mildlyinfuriating

11. I’m confused as to why people can’t open their own packets?

Or, if it’s for seasoning the meat ahead of time, why anyone would think this is cheaper than just a container of black pepper?

My boss ordered a box of 6000 pepper packets instead of a shaker, so now I get to spend my Saturday cutting open packets for our burger seasoning. from pics

10. Maybe they’re colorblind?

That’s the only reasonable explanation.

This is how my boss decided to organize our color chips from mildlyinfuriating

9. If he’s older than 15 this is really not acceptable.

What on earth has happened to self control.

Boss lost his cool at work and kicked a hole in the door. We covered it up. from pics

8. Oh it’s definitely time to get a new job.

And if he tried to dock anyone’s pay, get a lawyer.

One of a seemingly endless series of unreasonable notes left by my boss. It’s great here. from mildlyinfuriating

7. This company might be run by George Costanza.

If it’s not, he definitely works there. #TheHumanFund #MoneyForPeople

My Christmas gift from my boss. Fortune 500 company. No Christmas bonus, post it notes, 2 pieces of chocolate, pen, jeans one day. from mildlyinfuriating

6. I know some of you can’t even look at this picture.

It doesn’t bother me, but I still want to know why.

The way my boss cut this cake. Not gonna lie the pieces were even af though. from mildlyinfuriating

5. How To Let People Know Your A Douche Without Them Seeing Your Face, 101.

Seriously, why does anyone thinks this makes them cool?

If you park like this…you are my boss, so I can’t say anything. from pics

4. He’s going to pay for that when OSHA makes a surprise visit.

Or when it falls over and hurts someone, whichever comes first.

This structural pole my boss refuses to fix from WTF

3. That is such a sh*tty break room to begin with.

I’m guessing he’s really just against the breaks, not the room.

Boss didn’t like the color of the chairs in the break room. So now we just don’t have chairs. from mildlyinfuriating


I mean I know it was a pecan pie, but still!

So I bring a pecan pie to work. By noon it was missing. Found it a few hours later in my boss’s office. from funny

1. It looks like my television at home!

But I mean, I have two kids under 3.

My boss is physically incapable of pointing without touching from mildlyinfuriating

I’ve had bosses that have fallen all over the spectrum, but these are NUTS!

Do you have a boss that was insane? Let us know in the comments!