16 Collectors Share the Oddities They Can’t Stop Grabbing

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I’ve never really been one to collect things (aside from books), but I understand that many people all over the world find themselves with houses full of one thing or another. My mother collected Precious Moments figurines, my sister loves dreamcatchers, my husband, raw gems and minerals….

And if any of those things surprise you, well, these 16 confessions should really pique your interest.

16. He just likes the sound they make.

Bottle caps. Not a Fallout fan, just like the little clinklies.

15. Yikes.

Board games.

Board Game Collection 2019

14. She’s stolen a good number of them from boys she knows.


13. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy playing.

Lego. Building sets is very relaxing and I like to put them on display.

12. You really buried the lede there.

I collect yugioh while my brother collects pokemon and sister collects her ex boyfriends hair samples

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11. Wait, this counts? Because…

My wife collects bags

Hand bags, purses, those nice bags you leave the mall with, gift bags, bags from the grocery store etc. We have bags of bags.

10. Folks, we have a hoarder…

Fountain pens!

Also knives but if you start a conversation that way it throws people off.

Also coins. Fucking love silver coins.

Also stamps

Also comics

I’m bad at not collecting things.

9. Okay I want to see all of these.

I collect documents from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. A lot of the stuff I have are diaries and legal documents.

8. Nerdy, but also cool!

I like collecting rare/old coins. An entire section of my basement is dedicated to my coin collection. My rarest is a $20 gold liberty head coin dating 1859, and I have a few seperate boxes for the more common old coins, such as wheat pennies, silver nickels, silver dimes, and silver quarters, and I have a mini box for silver half dollars. The rest I put on display in air and water tight clear plastic cases.

7. Every hobby deserves this much passion.

Coins!!!! I worked at a very popular LEGO Store where it was a common tourist destination for people all over the world and sometimes when people would take their change out to pay, they’d have coins from their country in the handful of American coins, and my eyes would always light up and I’d be like “OOOHH! What kind are those!!” and quite a few really awesome customers have let me have their country’s change!

One guy gave me EIGHT different coins from his country! I was in awe!! Another woman, whom I worked with knew I loved coins of all sorts, and when she went on a trip, she brought me back a bag of special coins from her travels! She even paid money to get me a unique square-shaped coin.

When I went to Europe, I visited 6 countries. Most of them used Euros, but London used Pounds. I left Europe with a bunch of cool new coins, AND EVEN BETTER, the guy I sat next to on the plane home DIDN’T want his coins! He gave me a sandwhich baggy half full of coins I already had, AND coins I never even came across. Like a couple coins called Krones, from Danmark, which have a cool hole right in the center of them.

I have a large jar in my room that I keep adding neat coins to, even old metal chuckie cheese coins. ??

6. The sales will get you every time.

Unplayed* video games on Steam.

5. You’ve gotta keep busy!

Hobbies, loads of them, I get wee obsessions with doing things and spend a fortune doing them for about 6 months to a year then I just put all the stuff away and move on to the next hobby.

4. Someone else will be thrilled.

hawaiian shirts.

i’ve got over 1,000.

but i’ve decided that the time has come to divest myself of A LOT of them.

3. I threw them away when I ran out of room on my fridge.

Magnets of the cities/countries I’ve been to.

2. Serious question, though, how do you store them?

Fuckin mugs bro, the more obscure the better. Whatever passion or interest you could have, there’s probably a mug for that. I like mugs that have fallen to the wayside This Houston Mug? Oh I’ve never been but i saw at a yard sale so I copped

1. Such cool stories.

Mainly books. But to a lesser degree (I have just a few pieces) antique pottery from a pottery place that used to be in my mother’s hometown over a century ago.

I get it, because you can pry any one of my books out of my cold dead hands.

Do you collect something? What is it, and how did it start? Let us know in the comments!