16 Cool Designs That Need To Be Shared Times A Million

It can be easy to find and point out the terrible designs around us – and there are plenty of examples, it turns out – but don’t you think that the people out there really knocking stuff out of the park need to be recognized, too?

If you need some receipts before you make that call, don’t worry, we’ve got 16 really great ones below.

16. You can’t say you didn’t know.

Helpful and tricky.

A ‘NEW’ sign indicating that the speed limit has changed.
byu/ithinkik_ern inmildlyinteresting

15. Oooh I hate the sticker residue.

Especially on books.

Books-A-Million puts a slip of paper under the stickers on their books to prevent sticker residue being left on the covers.
byu/cynbad719 inmildlyinteresting

14. It’s a small thing.

But it means a lot to some people.

In Norway you get a small amount of money for recycling bottles/cans. They’re often collected by poor people, homeless etc. A lot of our trash cans has these holders around them so people don’t have to search through the trash to collect them
byu/idunnomysex inantiassholedesign

13. More of this please.

And pass it on.

These seats on the jubilee line
byu/AAs-MRC inlondon

12. Some parts of the good old days were actually good.

Share the life-saving wealth.

When Volvo invented the three-point seat belt in the 1950s, they made the patent free for all competitors to use in order to save lives
byu/stengodis inDamnthatsinteresting

11. I mean there was a time not long ago when people would have stolen flour.

But the idea remains solid.

This box pretending to contain boring flour so that it doesn’t get stolen.
byu/amylucha inmildlyinteresting

10. Just a head’s up.

Or down, as the case may be.

Anti creep
by inantiassholedesign

9. It’s weird.

I wonder if it’s comforatble?

Public Bench with Pillow
byu/adnansom inBestLyft

8. Talk about frustration-free packaging.

Fitted sheets are awful enough.

My fitted sheet has little tags to tell you which side you’re holding when making the bed
byu/mrsdabo inantiassholedesign

7. Well if that isn’t cool…

So simple, too!

This milk bottle shows you how much milk is still inside
byu/MoonSoup42 inantiassholedesign

6. Okay, but…

Aren’t they noisy?

These birdhouses that work as roof shingles.
byu/kersedlife ininterestingasfuck

5. That’s never going to catch on.

I wish it would, but…

Big unsuscribe button
byu/Drolws inantiassholedesign

4. Secrets don’t make knowledgable people.

And we all want to be that.

this body wash tells you what each ingredient is and where it’s derived from (native)
byu/itsdaveLA inantiassholedesign

3. And you can eat it!

Who doesn’t love that?

Local pizza place uses a garlic knot to prevent the cheese from touching the box.
byu/swimfastalex inmildlyinteresting

2. Instead of just randomly guessing.

It’s a not-so-fun game.

The strings on this fan show which string does what
byu/G0pherholes inantiassholedesign

1. Love the accessibility.

Think of everyone!

I need all of these to become regular things immediately.

Which one of these designs are you ready to go to bat for? Let us know in the comments!