16 People Share Their Deep, Dark, Kind Secrets

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Everybody has secrets.

Some skeletons in the closet…

But what about the nice things we do?

What should we call those?

The skins? The angels? Hearts in the closet?

Here are 16 of the best hearts people pulled out of their closets on AskReddit.

1. Penny Dropper

I secretly drop pennies. For many years, my Uncle used to bend down and pick up every penny he came across, which was maddening to my Aunt who was worried the neighbors would see him and assume they were poor, needing every penny the could find. They used to tease each other about it.

My Uncle got cancer and passed away after a very long struggle. After the funeral we were walking to the car and my Aunt saw a penny, and said, “Oh John is thinking of me. He left this penny for me today.” So whenever I am around my Aunt, I purposely drop pennies on the ground for her to find. I haven’t been caught yet, and I hope I never do.

2. Penny Flipper

My wife will flip a penny from tails to heads, just so someone could have good luck later.

3. I am…Beer God!

One time when I was like 14, on my dad’s friend’s land, I was sitting on my quad parked next to my dad and his friend T. T’s nephew (9) and stepson (13) were riding their motorcycles around about 100 yards off when we hear a loud crash, and the kids yelling.

T drops his last beer, gestures to commandeer my four wheeler and he and my dad take off over there. I notice that the beer tipped over, so I pick it up, brush all the dirt off of it and sit it back up right where he dropped it. After everything’s said and done, scrapes and bruises accounted for, he comes back to find his beer standing upright. The look on his face was priceless, he thanks the ale gods for saving his beer, and told the story of his magic beer.

I decided I’d never ruin it. I’m the beer god. Sometimes I swap the almost empty beers in friends’ coozies out with fresh ones without them ever noticing. Nobody’s sure who does it. Gotta keep the magic alive.

4. Toy Fairy

When I was a kid I used to always twist the quarter machines on the way into stores just in case. Got lucky a couple of times and a few free toys. Now that I’m grown if I’m leaving a store with them I like to drop change into them if I have it and leave them half twisted.

5. “Because it’s so damn cute.”

I’ve had my cat for 18 years. I’ve had my husband for 3 years. He always wanted a cat and never had one.

Their love is strong and true, but obviously the cat is slightly more attached to/familiar with me.

My husband loves that cat so much, and gets a little bit of a thrill out of the idea that the cat loves us equally even though I had a 15 year head start.

What my husband doesn’t know is that I sometimes intentionally annoy the cat so that he will go snuggle with my husband instead, because it is so damn cute how giddy my husband gets about it.

6. Money Fairy

When I can afford to, I tuck extra $20s in my parents’ and boyfriend’s wallets, so they think they forgot they had extra money. They’ve done so much for me, including covering my bills when I wasn’t able to, and none of them will let me pay them back, so it’s my way of secretly thanking them for their help and support.

7. “Prior Commitment”

Without revealing too much information, my previous job had a major perk: a lottery system in which the winners got to accompany a group to various locations in the world for a hybrid vacation/work trip.

I won the lottery one year and was selected to go to Istanbul.

I heard a coworker talking to her spouse on the phone about how bummed she was she did not get it (she was selected as my backup, but did not know who she was backing up). She had hoped to visit a long lost family member. She is a quiet, sweet, helpful person. Very behind the scenes, rather underappreciated.

I gave up my spot due to a “prior commitment”. She got to go instead. I had a great time looking at her pictures.

8. Parlay Voos?

I’m learning French, but I’m trying to keep it a secret from my french speaking dad so i can surprise him.

9. Tall

Aunt was gonna be short for her rent. I paid the landlord and told him to say that she paid it earlier in the month. She was so happy about it. Made steaks for supper and paid extra on other bills so she’d be ahead of them.

10. “You choo-choo-choose me?”

Me and my friends once bought a valentine for a boy who wasn’t very popular in our class. We didn’t put our names on it, but he was so happy to have received one, he kept turning it over and over in his hands all day.

11. Wired

I’m probably late so this’ll get buried, but when I’m in the car with my military-hardened dad, he will occasionally go on long rants about how much he loves, respects, and appreciates my mom for everything she does, and he’ll start saying these things completely unprompted and out of the blue, and my mom has no idea.

I’ve started recording these with my phone without him knowing, and plan to throw them all together into one big file and play it for them on one of their anniversaries.

12. Alternative Cheer

I read a news story about a valedictorian who made a fake Instagram account and wrote positive comments to people from his school so I did the same.

13. Don’t Tell the Manager.

I work at a grocery store and a woman and her little girl went through with a cart full of groceries. It was the first week of the month and she was using her EBT card. For some reason is was declined and she started crying. She thanked us for trying it a few times and she didn’t understand why it wasn’t working. It was pay day and I didn’t make a whole lot as I was only a part time worker. However I went over to the bank in the store and cashed my check. I went to our customer service desk where she was on the phone with the bank and gave it over quietly. My coworker paid for the rest and we didn’t make it a big deal. She wasn’t paying attention and was just handed the receipt and told to go home and enjoy the day we took care of it. She cried harder and thanked everyone and asked for a manager and was telling her little girl that this was a miracle. We had to tell her to not get a manager because where I work giving money during your shift is grounds for suspension. I will always remember her gratitude.

14. Geek Dreams

I’m taking my science geek housemate to Switzerland to go to CERN at the weekend.

I’ve tricked him into taking Friday and Monday off work, stolen his passport, slowly been stealing his clothes from him when he’s hung them up to dry.

I’m an expert packer so I’ve fit all we need for the weekend in one backpack so it won’t look unusual when we leave for our ‘day out at the beach’ on Friday.

I was ill for a while, and he was practically my nurse so I owe him. I LOVE surprises.

UPDATE: It worked!

15. Agreed 100%

Several years ago my wife totally surprised me for my birthday with a fully planned trip for me and my brother to visit a friend of ours that moved to Colorado. She booked the flights, rental car, and she worked with the other 2 to make sure I had a full weekend planned. She was so proud of herself.

Except it wasn’t a secret. 3 weeks before the date Delta Airlines called my phone to inform me of a change to one of my flights. When they said Denver, I started putting the pieces together. As the day drew closer, I went along with everything she told me to do. The day of she woke me up real early to go shower, and while I did she packed my bag and loaded it in my brother’s truck who was outside waiting on me.

She wrote me a long letter explaining where she was sending me, but only after I had left. It was really really sweet, and she put a lot of effort into the whole thing. I acted as surprised and shocked as I possibly could.

I’ll take this secret to my grave, at least from her. She talks about it sometimes, and to this day claims she has done the best surprise gift. I agree 100%.

16. “He doesn’t know.”

My almost 16 year old thinks he’s saving for a car. He’s actually saved about $11,000.

He doesn’t know I’m going to buy him a car and he can use that money for something else.

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