14 Employees Tweet About All the Times the Customer Wasn’t Right

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Employees who work in retail, fast food, customer service, and other people-oriented sectors are taught that the customer is king.

This sounds nice in theory. Many businesses train their employees to be courteous and respectful to clients as a result, and the reality is that people who pay for a product or service are usually right to ensure that they get value for their buck.

But like many rules, there are always exceptions. Some customers aren’t interested in getting good service, they may want miracles or “extras” that weren’t a part of the deal! That’s why one Twitter user asked people to discuss times the customer was totally wrong.

14. Customer Didn’t Like Their Meal, Eh?

13. So, Scrambled Eggs on Toast?

12. Check The Store Name First

11. Still Not Legal, Sorry!

10. Look At Your Calendars, Folks!


9. Calzone Is a Type of Pizza

8. Breaking An Animal Down Takes Time

7. Grills Don’t Come With BBQ Already in Them!

6. This is Just Karmic Justice

5. No Sense in Trying to Get Fancy

4. Not Wrong, But Definitely Clueless

3. ER’s Aren’t Restaurants With Menus!

2. Many College-Educated People Work in Fast Foods

1. Why Would Anyone Take a Baby To This?

In conclusion: maybe we should throw customer service employees a bone.


The thread actually wound up with about 1,500 replies and was an eye-opening sight into how entitled and rude some people can be.

Do you work in the customer service sector? We’d welcome any of your horror stories with open arms in the comments section!

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