16 “Interesting Gardening” Pictures That Are Way Undersold

When I think that something is “interesting,” I typically use the term as a a mild expression of, well…interest. Not for things that are totally cool and, in some cases, mind blowing.

These pictures from the gardening subreddit are more than interesting, if you ask me. Some are amazing, some are soothing, but they’re all definitely worth a more expressing word than interesting if you ask me!

16. Some impressive beans.

And an adorable little girl to boot.

My three year old beaming with pride at her first ever harvest of beans which she helped to sow, water, plant out and build the support for. She picked these herself and ate most of them! Makes my heart happy to pass on this passion.
byu/mummavixen ingardening

15. I love Camellias.

Anything that blooms in winter is a-ok in my book.

I was walking in my neighborhood and this camellia literally stopped me in my tracks
byu/savillas ingardening

14. I feel like these have been growing her whole life.

And will continue long after she’s gone.

A local gardener and her massive Rhododendron!
byu/kentuckycc ingardening

13. Sunflowers make everyone happy.

Or at least, they don’t make anything worse.

Current view from my sewing studio
byu/Jessicasews ingardening

12. A little luck and a green thumb.

And you’ve got a dream come true.

What a difference a few years can make. Idea 2017 vs established garden 2020
byu/Phraxes ingardening

11. I mean, wow.

That takes “thriving” to a whole new level.

My mom planted these climbing roses around a patio in her yard when I got married there 7 years ago — the marriage is in shambles but roses going strong
byu/gallopingwalloper ingardening

10. It looks like something out of a fantasy.

Or at least, it should be part of one.

This beautiful two toned rose in my garden. I have never seen this before.
byu/jadegreene ingardening

9. You love to see it.

And if you’re like me, you spend the next several weeks checking to make sure they’re still safe.

I found a surprise in my rose bush!
byu/TheFuzz77 ingardening

8. Life finds a way.

Jeff Goldblum was right.

Of all the watermelon flowers the bees could have pollinated, they chose one that bloomed inside a crack on our wall.
byu/pinkhairgirl37 ingardening

7. Those are like, hypercolor.

Totally groovy, man.

[deleted by user]
by ingardening

6. I think he’s right.

That is one impressive tree.

My grandpa says we “need to get the word out” about how beautiful his Crepe Myrtle is.
byu/carbearnara ingardening

5. Someone with a green thumb lives there.

Or possibly a fairy. Or a witch. Or a fairy witch.

My mouth was agape when I drove past. This picture doesn’t do it justice.
byu/Mirorcurious ingardening

4. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite.

And these are all different colors! Magical!

My grammy’s stunning hydrangea bush she’s so proud of
byu/ChestDumper ingardening

3. There is something so delightfully melancholy about this.

I definitely want to replicate it, is what I’m saying.

incorporating the rain into your garden [x-post r/pics]
byu/BeeSilver9 ingardening

2. Heritage apples are great.

More to look at than eat, but still.

The guy in the image collects lost apple varieties. He also has a website where you can buy saplings of these apples which I will provide a link for below incase you want some unique Apples in your garden.
byu/Zack_Zootah ingardening

1. I love all of it.

But it’s the last line that really gets you.

Thank me. Appreciate me. Respect my authoritree!
byu/OpenTheWindows ingardening

I could look at this subreddit all day, and honestly, I just might.

What’s your favorite thing about gardening? What’s the best thing you’ve grown? Tell us about it in the comments!