When you think “optical illusion,” you might picture the familiar illustration of vases that turn into faces or the image of a duck that is actually a bunny, but we can find optical illusions in everyday photographs.

Fight those winter blues and maintain your sanity as you social distance by taking a good look (or two) at the optical illusions in these 17 memes deserving of a double take.

1. Off with her head!

Or maybe on with her jacket?

2. Stop, thief!

I know his arm isn’t that long but I can’t NOT see it that way.

3. This is what happens when cats play with weapons:

Do you see the hole?

4. I still haven’t figured this one out:

It’s like he’s staring right into my soul.

5. Booty booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere:

Pants are required ma’am.

6. It’s not what it looks like.

God as my witness.

7. I’m gonna rock and roll all night:

Play Cotton Eye Joe!

8. What am I missing here?

D*mn, that camo really works.

9. Quick, someone get this kid a snack:

OH phew, nvm, she already has one.

10. There’s a new super hero duo on the block:

Step aside Batman & Robin.

11. First look: T-Rex

Second look: what is that man doing and why? Is he on a roof?

12. You know what I heard?

Her owner’s husband is SO in the doghouse.

13. Talk about getting ahead:

One of the hottest new trends of 2021.

14. Don’t panic:

It’s not what it seems.

15. Which animal do you see?

A crow or…a cat?

16. I told you he was in the dog house.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Cool your jets. That’s an EAR.

But I bet it got you for a moment, huh?

#15 was the one that made me look twice. I am ashamed to say, I did NOT think those were her feet…

Which meme made you do a double take?