16 Men Share the Moment They Realized She Definitely Wasn’t That Into Them

Relationships can be really hard to navigate, and that goes double for people who struggle to read a room, another person, or even their own reactions and feelings.

For a million reasons, it can be hard to realize when someone else isn’t really into you at all, so if you’re wondering that about someone right now, here are 16 guys ready to share what did it for them.

16. Maybe she DID like you?

When she used to give everyone hugs but only ever offered me a high five.

15. Or she’s really boring. Either way.

Had a dinner together, and the entirety of her contributions to the conversation were repetitions of “yep” “that’s cool”. and such.

Even when I tried to ask her questions and engage her in the conversation, she just had nothing to add or to say. Was pretty clear it wasn’t sparking.

14. But WHY though omg.

I went out to a restaurant/bar with four buddies.

Some ladies sent over a round of drinks.

To my four buddies.

13. Don’t have to work too hard here.

I asked her out

She said “ew”

12. That poor kiddo.

 I was with 2 guy friends at our mall one time (years ago in jr. High). A small group of girls started following us. So we stopped and waited to see what they would do. Eventually 1 comes over and says that her and her friends think we’re cute and can they have our numbers.

I remember feeling pretty bada$s just then – I didn’t realize yet that I wasn’t included lol. So one buddy says he has a gf (he did), girl looks at buddy #2 and he gives her his number. She says ok thanks and leaves. Didn’t even look at me. Ego did a 180 that day. Lol

11. Junior high is ROUGH, y’all.

Reminds me of a time in junior high school when I told some girl that I liked another girl and told her not to tell anyone.

Lo and behold, next class, I’m talking to the girl I like and she asks the group “hey do you guys know who jewfro667 is?”

Me, being the shy kid, have no idea what to do so I play dumb until someone points to me and I raise my hand a bit. The look on this girl’s face was not at all one of pleasant surprise.

Needless to say, it stuck with me almost 20 years later.

10. That says more about her than you.

When I a senior in high school, I went to a party one night where there was like 11 of us, 5 girls and 6 dudes. One of the girls there was very boy crazy and really into a good friend of mine. She kept begging him to go into one of the bedrooms to f%ck but he kept turning her down. Finally I guess she had enough of him telling her no. She proceeds to go around the room and basically begs each guy to f%ck her. None of the guys would give her the time of day and told her no. She finally gets to me, looks at me for a brief second, says ‘ain’t happening’ and storms off.

I don’t know if that was some weird way of her thinking she was saving face by not actually getting turned down by every guy in the room or if I was somehow already below her low standards. But I do remember that I let it affect me for a long time. I mean at this point in my life I still never had a gf or even kissed a girl and even though I would have told her no as well, it was still a huge blow to my self-esteem to be the only guy not asked.

But life is good and although it took some years after high school, I eventually had a very successful dating life and currently have an amazing and gorgeous gf. So I just kind of look back at it and laugh.

9. Why not just say no thank you?

After chatting for about a month, I asked her out (for the second time):

  • Wanna meet up and hang out somewhere?
  • Yeah yeah, I’d like to meet.
  • Cool, so are you free this day on this week?
  • No
  • How about another day next week?
  • No
  • So maybe the week after? Or after that?
  • No, can’t
  • Okay… So when can we meet?
  • Let me check and get back to you

10 months, 4 days and 5 hours since then and I still haven’t heard from her.

8. She definitely did.

When they couldn’t remember any conversation we previously had, and made the excuse that their phones text history resets every day.

Didn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out she deleted them herself.

7. Rude.

She really only talked to me when she needed something.

This girl always called me more and more when she wanted me to drive her somewhere, and less and less to actually do stuff together.

One time she called me to meet up with her at the mall, so I went. When I met her there the first thing she asks me is if I could drive her to her friend’s place 40 mins away. My jaw dropped. I said I couldn’t, and I left her there. She texts me complaining how she had to take the bus, I never responded and stopped communicating with her. Haven’t heard from her since.

6. “Recoiled in horror.”

When I expressed interest and she recoiled in horror and told me I was embarrassing her.

5. That definitely could have gone worse.

I went to a chick’s apartment once and she had another girlfriend of her’s over and they spent a good amount of time rating dudes on Bumble.

And proceeded to get about 50 matches in the 1.5 hours I was there.

I was like “wtf am I doing here?” then got drunk and left via uber.

4. She just wants out of there.

Closed responses to leading or intuitive chatter. e.g.; just saying “yes”, “no”, “not really”, etc; when asked questions that could easily lead to more conversation.

3. That’s certainly a clue.

I once went on a date with this girl. Bought her dinner. Went downstairs to the bar/nightclub for a drink afterwards.

She ran into some girlfriends and just went over to their table, sat down and started chatting and drinking.

I sat alone for about 20 minutes, then just left without saying anything. Never heard from her again.

2. That’ll do it.

Caught her making out with my manager.

So yeah, I didn’t really think she was the one for me.

1. She’s not really laughing.

When every conversation is abruptly ended by “lol”

I really hate those three letters.

I’m never dating again. Just saying.

If you’re a guy, add something to the list here! I want to hear more.