We all have our own “thing,” right? The specific trait that really blows our skirts up, even if the next person might not even notice it at all.

That said, not all of those things qualify as “weird,” even if they’re uncommon – but you know what?

Weird is in the eye of the beholder and all of that, and these 16 people aren’t going to feel bad about the things they love.

Even if maybe they should.

16. Are you single?

people who can ramble on about their passion/s for hours. I love listening to people talk about the stuff they love.

15. Hey, you don’t have to explain it.

Husky voices on girls.

If she sounds like a dude, that’s just insanely hot, no idea why.

14. I can see that.

Eye crinkles on men.

My husband is older than I am, and he started getting “laugh lines” around his eyes a few years ago and I LOVE them. I have mentioned it to him but it makes him feel self conscious about “wrinkles” so I have to keep it to myself, but those and his freckles….swoon

13. I don’t know if that’s weird?

Whenever my fiance cuddles me, she puts her whole face in my neck and gives it kisses.

It’s not only sexy but super endearing. It’s honestly the most adorable thing and she just fits so perfectly. I love her

12. I bet she loves that. *sarcasm*

When my girl scolds me in her native tongue. I cant understand a word but god it sounds sexy.

11. I don’t…know what to say.

My husband can do an incredible impersonation of a gorilla. Knuckles on the ground, butt sticking out, huffing noise, the whole deal. Wouldn’t you know that has gotten me into bed more times than I would care to admit it!

I want to say it’s mostly because he makes me laugh so much but damn, sometimes I see a gorilla and I’m like, “wow, he’s pretty handsome.”

10. He just goes along.

My husband got himself this bear onesie. The first time he put it on I was like…what is this feeling? Why am I aroused right now? After a few occasions of him wearing it I was like, well I guess I’m a borderline furry (although I think it’s the snuggly softness that does it for me rather than anything animalistic).

He still thinks it’s very weird, but he will put it on for me when I ask. Too bad for him our anniversary is in the height of summer.

9. This is benign and sort of wholesome.

Old fashioned hair styles.

Actually, like 1950’s

8. It’s real.

Don’t know why, but exhausted men look super hot to me. Probably because being exhausted is as close as being the real you as possible.

I think there’s a couple “raw” versions of people. A great one is when someone is just completely relaxed, like present and not worrying about anything else at that time. You get to see what they think and say and how they act when the mental space is cleared and they’re free to think about whatever without life’s demands pressing into their consciousness.

7. It’s hard to explain.

How people move.

Is hard to explain.

People that are confident move differently than people who are shy. Both can be equally attractive. How sometimes people can be so poetic doing the most mundane thing.

6. This just cracked me up.

Being able to make a good excel spreadsheet.

“What’s your experience with Excel?”

“I hate it”

“Oh, so an experienced user then?”

5. Confidence is hot.

When they go all the way dressing up. Not in the fancy way, but in the “oh there’s a theme and I’m not shy to go all the way with my costume”. Shows confidence and a great fun factor

4. A classic.

Big, but structured, prominent noses. Idk what it is about them that I just swoon over, but it always happens.

3. Nobody’s perfect.

Some impurities in the face like freckles or random black dots. My boyfriend has this one black dot directly below his eye in the middle of his left cheek.

It makes him infinitely more valuable on the face market to me. Looks so darn adorable.

2. Very specific.

When someone youre talking to sticks out their tongue. Had a girl slightly do it on a date and it drove me wild.

1. Maybe she’s a nurse.

Recently I’ve been working out more. My wife says the veins popping out of my arms and hands get her all hot and bothered for some reason.

Either way it feels good when she touches them.

Y’all, I don’t think I was honestly prepared for this list.

But if you’ve got something to confess, our comments are open!