16 People Discuss the Fan Bases That Scare the Hell out of Them

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I already know my answer to this question: JUGGALOS.

Know about these folks? They’re fans of the band Insane Clown Posse. Like this fine chap!

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I’m sure there are plenty of fine people who belong to that tribe, but they honestly just kind of scare me.  Some people just get really into things and it takes over their lives.

What’s a fan base that really scares you? Here are some good responses from AskReddit users.

1. That’s weird.

“S A S A E N G S

Sasaengs are basically super-stalkers for kpop idols. They get on the same first-class flight with them, find out their hotel room number, steal their pee from their toilet (this has happened multiple times) and even worse things.”

2. It’s sweeping the nation!

“I’m a huge Hamilton fan but that fan base is crazy.

Some of them don’t realize it’s based off a real story.

One of my favorite things to do is white boy rap the soundtrack on long car rides, but I’ll NEVER associate myself with the fandom.”

3. This is creepy.

“Those girls who are into school shooters that’s terrifying. They need serious therapy. Tumblr is a scary place.

Any of ya’ll remember last year when that girl disappeared from her home in Florida, flew to Colorado, bought a gun and was then manhunted because she was believed to have been planning a Columbine Anniversary shooting or something?”

4. Voltron.

“The Voltron fandom.

When I used to use Tumblr I just wanted to find cute fan art of a show I was into. I ended up losing interest and not finishing the series because the fans were so toxic.”

5. How do people have the time for this?

“I saw a video on a massive faker for the “grown-up” Harry potter fan fiction writers. They formed splinter groups because they couldnt stand one character having a relationship with another one, so they moved to a new website. The faker was able to sew rabid discontent with relative ease.

But the spoils goes to the steven universe fans for pushing a fan to attempt suicide because they drew a character wrong. I saw it myself and I barely saw a difference. Her suicide attempt did little to abate them. This was impetus for 4chan trolls to start doing over-the-top fan art of fan art, making the characters pale and slim. The threats of death and castration (or cactus fucking) were swift.

This went on for a while until there was a face reveal. The artist was a black trans person. The 180 the fans pulled was almost immediate. It was soon revealed that it was just a black 4chan troll in a wig. The threats returned just as quick. But this marked the end of the campaign. Archives of this glimpse into the human psyche can still be found online.”

6. So disturbing.


12-year-old girls thinking about killers as if they’re “Ohhh so cute! They’re just misunderstood! They’re not monsters!”

Kid you’re missing the whole fu**ing point here. They’re MEANT to be monsters. If you ran up to a Slenderman and gave him a hug he wouldn’t become a big softie and say ‘Oh nobody ever understood me!’ he’d stab you to death.”

This bothers me as a horror writer.

7. A hero to some.

“Billie Eilish.

I have gotten death threats because I said I didn’t particularly care for her music.

Look at her Instagram, it’s so scary.”

8. The big O.

“Oprah fans.

She’s given us terrible “doctors” that continually tout inaccurate information, but her followers would all kill their mothers if she told them it would be healing.”

9. Good point.

“Political Figures/Parties.

Get involved in a primary race (U.S.) and you’ll see, despite being members of the same party some of those candidates and their supporters will tear each other apart just in the name of winning.

General elections are the same except it’s now between the two major factions of American politics.

A big problem with American politics is the two-party system. It’s a breeding ground for the increasing polarization surrounding elections. It’s also the reason why both parties and certain political figures have a cult like following. This problem is definitely apparent during election season.”

10. WebToons fans.

“The fans in WebToons comment section.

I just read the new chapters on my webtoons and bounce. Went there once, never again.”

11. A life philosophy.

“People who love Nietzsche, they suck.

Just because nothing matters doesn’t mean you can’t improve yourself, or notice the beauty in things. (it doesn’t make you edgy or smarter than other people, have fun thinking your an ubermensch).”

12. Nerd alert!

“Star Wars.

I mentioned how I don’t buy Kylo’s ‘redemption’ and his kiss with Rey was cringe. I got so many attack messages and so much hate how I could recognize true love and how Kylo was a real victim.

Also if you say anything positive about the sequels you get hate.”

13. Metalheads.

“I feel like metal/rock music fans often feel like they’re have superior taste or something for listening heavier stuff.

It always bothered me cause I like a lot of different genres.”

14. A mystery to me.

“I’m probably gonna get downvoted to hell, but:

Minecraft, fanbase full of edgy teenagers thinking they’re the best generation simply because they played it. They constantly call older generations entitled for making fun of it while making fun of Fortnite fans for simply being a gamer during the Fortnite generations, bunch of hypocrites.

The way they defend their game honestly just scares the hell out of me.”

15. We live in strange times…

“Those really sassy Arianna Grande fans with like extensions and overly long fake nails.

They’ll tear your eyes out if you talk bad about stuff they like.”

16. And there you have it!

“People who listen to Rush Limbaugh.”

I’ve never even heard of some of those things, but that’s the point of these articles! Learning new stuff is good for you!

How about you? In the comments, tell us about a fan base that freaks you out.

Let’s see what ya got!