16 People Discuss What They Believe Are Examples Of Pure Evil

I’m going to give you a fair warning right up front – many of these answers are not suitable for work, and more than that, they’re not easy to forget, even for a true crime junkie like me.

You probably realize that a majority of the most evil things in the world will be hard to read, but I had to make sure – because these 16 stories are some of the worst I’ve ever read.

16. Kids are sometimes the worst.

John Venables and Robert Thompson.

When they were ten, they abducted two year old James Bulger from a shopping centre, took him to some railway tracks, tortured and abused him for hours then left his body to get cut in half by an oncoming train.

15. That is not an excuse.

This ohio man who raped his girlfriend’s 6 month old baby to death and then tried to get out of the death penalty because he wasn’t trying to kill the 6 month old baby, just rape her.

14. Seriously save yourselves.

The murder of Junko Furuta. Sick pieces of s*%t. They’re still roaming free to this day.

“Ogura’s mother allegedly vandalized Furuta’s grave, stating that she had ruined her son’s life.”

I can’t get over the fact that I read this. Ogura raped and tortured that girl for over a month until she died.

Search at your own risk, it’s absolutely horrific.

13. The world is a sick place.

I’m a student in social anthropology and one of my teacher studies sexual violence on men in war times (in particular during the breakup of Yugoslavia). Here is one small example of the kind of s*%t she saw:

A young boy (like 12 or 13) was at home with his 2 parents when a bunch of armed “soldiers” broke in. They threatened the mother with a gun and made a proposition to the kid. “Sodomize your father and we will let your parents live”. To save his mom and dad the young boy complied.

But when he had finished raping his own father the “soldiers” killed both of his parents, gave him a bunch of drugs, a gun and made him a child soldier fighting for their side.

12. The worst of the worst.

Oskar Dirlewanger. A Nazi so evil even the Nazi’s thought he went too far. Look up some of the atrocities he committed during WWII, specifically the Warsaw Uprising. Basically a sadist alcoholic pedo unleashed in a war without rules.

Just one excerpt from Wikipedia: “in the summer of 1944 Dirlewanger led his “butchers, rapists and looters into action against the Warsaw Uprising, and quickly committed … unspeakable crimes.”

In Warsaw, Dirlewanger participated in the Wola massacre, together with police units rounding up and shooting some 40,000 civilians, most of them in just two days.

In the same Wola district, Dirlewanger burned three hospitals with patients inside, while the nurses were “whipped, gang-raped and finally hanged naked, together with the doctors” to the accompaniment of the popular song “In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus”.”

11. Chuck the lot of them.

Anyone who abuses kids, animals or the elderly. I hope there is a special place in hades for them.

10. That is not right.

Some guy in the 80s who worked in a lab injected his infant son with HIV infected blood so his son would die (a horrible death) and he wouldn’t have to pay child support.

Edit: 1992, not 80s.

9. We can hope.

Men who commit “Honour Killings”.

Special place in hell for these people.

8. No way could I watch that.

People who torture animals to make videos and people who get off on that

Krystal Scott (19) of Kokomo was the bitch who was arrested in 2020 for distributing animal crushing videos.

7. Listen at your own risk.

The toy box killer. Truly the sickest, most horrifyingly disgusting example of humanity.

The monologue (which you can find through a Google search) that he would play for his new victims is probably the scariest thing on earth.

I’m a true crime junkie and I believe this sick fuck is the worst I’ve ever learned about.

6. And it’s not over.

When the Exxon execs decided to bury their extensive climate change research. They jeopardized the entire planet so they could keep profiting.

5. So awful.

Gertrude Baniszewski who tortured a teenager, that she was meant to be looking after, for three months before killing her.

4. No other word for it.

I posted this on another reddit thread a few weeks ago. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, but some of the more shocking elements:

This poor 8 year old boy was tortured to death by his parents (mom & stepdad) because they believed he was gay. He was often locked in a box at the foot of their bed for DAYS at a time. They starved him. Beat him. Broke his bones. Burned him with cigarettes. Forced him to urinate/defecate on himself by depriving access to a toilet, and then punished him for it. Forced him to sit in freezing cold baths to reduce visible bruises. Lied to social workers and said he was visiting family when he was actually bound & gagged & locked in the box in their bedroom.

At his autopsy, the ME found BB’s (yes, from a BB gun) lodged in his testicle and face. They also found cat litter in his stomach, and it was later revealed by a sibling that Gabriel was responsible for cleaning the litter boxes for the mom’s SEVEN cats. If the parents found feces in the boxes after he was supposed to have cleaned them…. he was made to EAT IT.

They made him eat spoiled food, and if he threw up they forced him to eat his own vomit. The worst part is… he only lived with them for eight months. He lived the first 7 years of his life with the mom’s uncle and his partner in Mexico. Mom took him back because ‘two gay men are not appropriate caregivers for a young boy’ (not my words, was in the Netflix doc) and because they wanted to receive welfare benefits for him.

So this poor kid who was happy and raised with love for 7 years gets suddenly yanked away from the only home he’s ever known and then tortured to death.

THIS is pure evil.

3. That poor girl.

Joseph Fritzl based in Amstetten, Austria, held his daughter captive for 24 years.

During this time he assaulted her, sexually abused and raped her numerous times during her imprisonment inside a concealed area in the cellar of the family home.

The abuse resulted in seven children, three remained in captivity with their mother, one died shortly after birth and the other three raised by him and his wife Rosemarie.

2. It just keeps getting worse.

That Sylvia Likens story. I honestly felt like less of a human after reading it.

I never thought a Wikipedia article could make me cry so damn hard but it was like every line just kept getting worse.

1. Unbelievable.

Lawrence Singleton.

What he did to 15yr old Mary Vincent is one of the most messed up things ever.

He picked her up as she was hitchhiking, when he pulled over to pee she got out of the van to tie her shoelaces, he whacked her over the head with a shovel. Put her into the back of the van, raped her all night, then cut off BOTH of her arms and threw her off a cliff (30ft drop!) and drove off.

Despite this, SHE SURVIVED. 15 year old Mary Vincent managed to climb back up the cliff and started walking. Eventually a couple on their honeymoon drove past her and rescued her.

This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg with Larry Singleton. The podcast “My Favorite Murder” did a brilliant episode on him. He was a cruel bastard and I’m happy he died of brain cancer.

Well, I’m not going to be ok for the rest of the day now.

If you’ve got another example of true evil, you might as well lay it on us in the comments.