16 People Muse on Things That Only Exist to Piss People Off

You might think there are an infinite number of people and products and experiences that only exist to anger the general population, and honestly…you might be right.

These 16 people certainly had no trouble coming up with long lists of minute but irritating crap that most of us encounter on an all too regular basis.

What can we do about it? Let’s get together sometime and find out, because I’ve had enough.

16. I’m telling you, some people just think they’re practical jokers.

Those pull tabs on seals that don’t work unless you really put your back into it.

Then they give suddenly and the contents of the container fly out and make a hug mess

15. It’s like a game literally no one can win, and nobody asked to play in the first place.

The fake X on advertisements, or the ones on mobile that have 2×2 pixels that you can never hit and instead click the ad.

14. This does not make anyone buy anything.

How commercials are intentionally louder than the show.

Fuck that!

13. This just causes instant rage.

When a screen loads up, and then readjusts right when you are trying to click on something.

Which then causes you to click on the wrong thing.


12. Seriously, what is the point?

Car alarms.

People basically ignore them because they go off too easily, and then nobody ever catches their car being stolen because of the false alarms.

So basically, you have a giant siren attached to your car that makes everyone else in the neighborhood hate you.

Here’s a pretty good article on how useless they are

11. It’s like some kind of federally mandated gag gift.

The “new” red gas cans.

The Fed gov’t started requiring a new spout that has a valve that completely prevents you from being able to pour gas out of it.

Seems to serve no other purpose than prevent people from being able to use a gas can without pouring gasoline all over the place.

10. I’m surprised it took so long to get to this.


9. I have the feeling a lot of people think this way.

I swear my fucking boss only exists to piss people off.

8. Just remove the superfluous buns!

The inequality of the number of hot dogs vs. The number of buns in a pack.

7. Just thinking about it makes you sweat, right?

Unnecessary hard to open plastic packaging around some of the least valuable items.

6. Do not go for those bonus points, friends.

Slime as gifts for children. Bonus points if it’s a slime kit that the parent needs to help them make.

So not only do I get to TRY and get this shit out of my carpet, I have to help them make it first.

I regret all the times I suggested people get it for my niece as a gift.

I know she loves it, but I couldn’t understand the evil eye my sister in-law would give the gift giver until my kids got a slime kit, and I got roped into making it.

5. Anything that pops up to cover a whole page, honestly.

The pop up to subscribe in the newsletter of a website that covers the entire fucking page.

Of course I will subscribe to it on the first time I’m visiting your website.

4. Who is this helping?

That stupid crimped packaging that comes on knives, scissors, etc.

That is impossible to open and sharp as hell when you finally do tear it open.

3. Poor design is enraging.

Door handles for doors you are supposed to push to open

2. That’s why you gotta have a fake email handy.

Mandatory e-mail sign ups when visiting a website or using a service.

Even some doctors and dentists require you to do it now.

1. Also how long it can take you to figure it out.

Fake drawer handles on furniture.

Seriously, I’m sitting here getting more irritated by the post!

Is something missing? What would you add?

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