16 People Muse on Which Would Be the Scariest Mythological Monster Brought to Life

There’s a reason that certain stories, creatures, and mythologies have endured.

We love to read and watch tales of vampires, werewolves, fairies, and the like…and one of the reasons is because we don’t have to worry about encountering any of them in real life.

What if we did, though?

That’s the question posited by someone on Reddit, who wants to know which would be the most scary to encounter in the real world, and why.

These 16 responses are pretty terrifying to consider!

16. I would have been happy never knowing about any of that.

The Flood from the Halo video games would be pretty fucked. They’re alien parasites that form a hive mind (Gravemind) out of dead hosts’ organic matter and absorb the contents of the hosts’ minds to gain super intelligence.

They can use any of their hosts weapons, vehicles, etc. So hard to get rid of, ancient beings built a super weapon array (Halos) that can take out all life in the galaxy just to get rid of the Flood. Really puts into perspective how much you don’t want to fuck with them.

If this sounds interesting, go watch a HiddenXperia video about it on YouTube. He’s got great Halo content and a lot of it is good to watch as standalone videos bc he explains things so well.

15. That sounds awful.

Necromorphs from dead Space. Imagine those f*ckers running rampant through the streets of NY.

It’s the only apocalypse situation where Id immediately commit suicide. Fuck. Those. Things. Especially the indestructible dude or the wall guardian.

14. Creepy is one word for it.

SCP -001 When Day Breaks. It’s basically the sun turns red and anything exposed to the sunlight melts into a blob, even humans.

Blobs try to drag other humans into the sun to become one, giant, sentient blob. It’s really creepy.

13. What if he got an Instagram page?


A giant from Irish myth that anything it looked at burst into flames or withered and died. This included people.

In its time around before being killed the damage it could wreck would be disastrous.

12. Eh, he’s not so bad.

How can Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, not be at or near the top of this list?

11. So there’s no escape.


A giant skeleton that roams around after midnight and bites off their victims heads to drink their blood.

They sound easy to avoid right? Wrong.

They can become invisible and are completely indestructible.

The only way you can know they are coming is by a ringing in your ears and that information hardly matters since they can absolutely overtake a car, let alone a person walking alone at night.

10. Stories like these never fail to creep me out.

The body snatchers from Invasion Of The Body Snatcher.

9. Unless we could eat them, I guess.

If Xenomorphs managed to get to Earth we would all be pretty f*cked, especially if they showed up in a super populated city.

8. Not just dragons but RANDOM dragons.

Dragons. Cities would literally have to have disaster plans for whenever random dragons decide to fly by.

7. I would not like that.

It. Think about it: It takes the form of what you fear.

If people were scared of something as “simple” as killer clowns and monsters back then, just imagine how much f*cked up stuff It could transform into now that people are afraid of

6. That’s an understatement.

Freddy krueger… a pedo that can control your dreams!

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

5. No more vermin.


They might seem harmless, but read the pokedex… they’re natural disasters shaped like ill-tempered squirrels. Also, they’re everywhere.

The characters in the games are trapped in small towns because leaving requires “Going Into the Tall Grass” (which even SOUNDS like a metaphor for dying) and potentially being eviscerated by feral mega-rats.

4. And they have plenty of reason to be angry.


Specifically the ones from the game Until Dawn. Super fast, strong, and virtually unkillable.

Always hungry and so always on the prowl for their prey – namely humans but other animals too.

3. That doesn’t sound simple to me.

The simple answer is “ghosts”. Because they can be anywhere. Right behind you, right now. You can’t shoot them or build a bunker to keep them out.

They also open a lot of very disturbing questions about life after death.

2. I choose none of the above.

Pick literally any of the angels from Evangelion.

Sachiel? Giant kaiju that can fly, survive a nuclear bombing, and detonate itself in a massive blast.

Ramiel? Giant screaming octahedron that instantly lasers anything it perceives as a threat, can destroy half a mountain in a single shot.

Sahaquiel? Impossibly massive suicide bomber.

Leliel? 600-meter-wide shadow that engulfs everything it touches.

Arael? Huge space being that can mind-rape you.

1. Unless we could get him on our side.

Homelander from “The Boys”

He’s basically Super Man with a bad attitude.

He can fly, has super strength, super hearing, x-ray vision and laser eyes and if he wanted to could totally destroy the world.

I’m going on record and saying I really don’t want to encounter any of these in real life, but also that the ones that are the most unsuspecting – like fairies – are probably the worst.

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