16 People Reflect on Harsh Truths That Humans Refuse to Accept

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Life is hard and it has a habit of knocking you down over and over again.

But the trick is to keep getting back up, right?

Damn right!

Still, there are many things in life that people have a hard time dealing with.

What’s a harsh truth that humans refuse to accept?

Let’s see how folks on AskReddit answered this question.

1. Things stop working.

“Sometimes things just stop working, out of no fault of yours or theirs or anyone’s, but just because.

Some people change, and some people don’t, and inevitably, some things between those changing and unchanging people will stop working.”

2. Depressing.

“You can be a good person your entire life, and still have a shitty life.

This is probably the most depressing.”

3. Truth!

“Some people really shouldn’t have kids or pets.”

4. Backstabbing.

“People have said a lot of horrible things about you behind your back.

No matter how kind and awesome a person you are, there will always be people who don’t like you.

Don’t waste your time tryingto recruit them.”

5. No correlation.

“The correlation between competency and corporate position is not strong.

My dad works as a clerk at an electronics shop. His boss is an idiot who cannot do anything, can’t even lead managment and don’t have any experience in electronics. Heck, his employees have to log in into his email…

To add, he gets so much money per month, but his employees get the minimal wage pay.”

6. Likeability.

“Getting a job comes down to whether or not the interviewer liked you or not.

I lost out on a very nice job and later found out that pretty much the sole reason I was rejected was because when the hiring team took me to lunch after my interview, I ordered a steak which I guess “isn’t appropriate for lunch.”

7. We’re not special.

“That most of us aren’t really that special.

I find that truth to be very sobering and comforting, but it seems many would disagree.”

8. Biased.

“We are all biased. Especially those who think they are not.

Bias is like an accent, you grow up thinking that you and the people around you don’t have any.”

9. Gone and forgotten.

“Unless you’re a famous historical figure, you will be completely forgotten within a few decades of your death.”

10. Sad, but true.

“That there isn’t necessarily “someone for everyone.”

Lots and lots of people are lonely and unloved.”

11. No control.

“The illusion of control.

There is no real control. Anything can go wrong at any moment. We can have safeguards and precautions, but ultimately, “control” is non-existent.”

12. Karma…

“We can hope that Karma is real in the greater scheme of things but, in my experience, waiting for people to “get what’s coming to them” is pointless.

I’ve known shitty people that have taken shortcuts, cheated, etc. and they’ve made out just fine.

I’ve also known people that have done everything right and behaved honorably and gotten absolutely screwed.”

13. Just go with it.

“Everything is temporary.

This can be a good thing or a bad thing.

My life is in shambles right now so I’m hoping it’s short-lived.

It’s so depressing to think things are temporary though when life is going good :(.”

14. Death is real.

“We’re all going to die.

I know it’s true but I can’t imagine myself dying and I don’t think most other people can eathier.”

15. The way it goes.

“Gross inequality of opportunities and abilities is the norm in life and biology.

Some people really are born attractive, smart, and charming – they have it all. Equality of opportunity will guarantee vastly different outcomes. You can’t have it both ways.

Life isn’t fair and it never will be.”

16. Make it worthwhile.

“Everyone comes into this planet with nothing and leaves with fucking nothing ..

Yet we keep chasing things in life that doesn’t really matter much and don’t value the things that makes life truly worth living…”

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