16 People Share the Movies That Were so Disturbing They Had to Leave the Theater

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I can’t say that I’ve ever gotten up and left a movie before it was over, but then again, I’m pretty careful about choosing what to see, since my time is limited.

These 16 people were not prepared for what they were about to see on the big screen, though, and they couldn’t stomach another minute.

I mean, props for knowing your limits, though!

16. House of Wax

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“I really like scary and suspenseful movies, but I’m not big on gore. The movie started out so promising! It had such a creepy vibe, but then people started pulling off their flesh, cutting Achilles’ tendons, and chopping off fingers and I couldn’t take it. I felt so sick to my stomach and our whole group walked out of the theater.” —jillianb41aa6236f

15. Revenge

“I went into it not knowing how physically painful it would be. I was already watching through my fingers but after Jen hit the tree and was impaled, I had to go sit on the bathroom floor for ten minutes to recover.” —alexn470fbb66a

14. The Hills Have Eyes

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“It’s the only movie I couldn’t finish watching. As soon as those mutants started molesting the women, I got right up and walked out.” —helenr401c82ed3

13. I Am Legend

“I walked out when Neville’s dog gets infected. I was 13 years old at the time. The whole movie was stressful for me but I just couldn’t handle that part. My family stayed to watch and I sat outside weeping.” —stellardakt

12. Child’s Play

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“When I saw the new Child’s Play I thought it would be like any other horror film. But when Chucky killed the cat and the policeman’s mother, I just had to go. It was as weird and disturbing as ever.” —iyannahxmyasia

11. Ouija

“I watched this when I was about nine years old and we left the theater halfway through. All of my friends loved horror movies though, so I felt like a wimp and begged to go back. My parents ended up taking me again, but again, I left at about the same time as before. I ended up asking to go back a THIRD time and when we did, I ended up leaving before it was over.” —m414cf380d

10. The Purge

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“The masks in the movie were so disturbing and that I wet myself during a big jump scare (I was 20 years old at the time). I left shortly thereafter.” —victoriaa43d5503fc

9. Scream

“In high school, I went to the movies with a group of friends to see a non-scary movie, and they all ended up wanting to see Scream. I gave into peer pressure and went in with them. I ended up vomiting in the bathroom halfway through the movie because of all the gore. And because I didn’t have another ride home, had to go back into the theater, where I sat with my eyes closed and ears plugged for the remainder of the film.” —ashleym90

8. Bruno

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“The only movie my family ever walked out on was Brüno with Sacha Baron Cohen. I was 10 years old and the guy working at the theater asked my parents if they were sure they wanted me, my five-year-old sister and my 15-year-old sister to watch this, but they didn’t think it was going to be bad. We almost left twice before finally leaving during the swingers bit. I saw my first penis. It was a wild time.” —asiatheestallion

7. Fifty Shades Freed

“I left during Fifty Shades Freed. I was 15 years old and seeing my first R rated movie. I had no idea what I was getting into. All the sex in the movie made me feel queasy and I got up out of my seat, ran out of the theater and threw up in the bathroom.” —iblessedthepurplerains

6. Final Destination 3

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“I was in my early teens and went to the movies with my sister, her friend, and my dad. My sister and her friend really wanted to see the movie but my dad either misunderstood what type of movie it was or overestimated my tolerance for gore. I ended up crying by the second or third death and he had to take me out of the theater and wait with me outside.” —chickens

5. Date Movie

“I only lasted seven minutes in the theater. After the man shoots himself in the temple with the nail gun I needed to go.” —srinner09

4. The Green Inferno

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#horrormovie #thegreeninferno #thegreeninfernomovie #eliroth oh Eli what have you done?!?!? This movie is next level!!!

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“Once they started tearing that guy apart and scooping his eyes out of his face, I yeeted out the theatre and ran straight to the bathroom. My brother had to take me home because I couldn’t go back in.” —cristaw3

3. Gravity

“Space terrifies me, and halfway through the movie I got so stressed that I felt like I was going to be sick. I kept imagining myself in the same situation as Sandra Bullock’s character and felt such awful anxiety. I just couldn’t handle it.” —livilifelove

2. The Ring

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It means ever since that girl's been gone, things have been better.

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“I didn’t see any previews for it and just showed up having no idea what I was in for. I had to leave halfway through the movie, but it took me about a year to finally come back to it and watch the rest. I had to watch it on a bright, sunny day in the comfort of my living room.” —ericas462828bbd

1. Mother!

“The whole movie is very tense and hectic. But the scene that disturbed me the most was where the baby was ripped apart and Jennifer Lawrence’s character was assaulted by the mob. I can’t watch anything with her in it now because it reminds me of that scene. Horrifying.” —beckis4d44254f5

Just 16 more movies I can cross off my list!

I mean…except for the ones I’ve already seen.