16 People Reveal What Friday Nights Look Like In This Brave New World

The world today looks nothing like it did in 2019 – and nothing like we thought it was going to look in 2021, either. Those are just the facts, no way of getting around it.

So how are people coping? What are we doing for fun? Do our Friday nights look totally different than they used to, or are we adapting just fine?

Take a read through these 16 responses and decide for yourself.

16. Virtual gaming.

My college gaming club has a gaming night on Friday. It’s all virtual and theres some different themes of games they try to encourage people to play (though obviously you can play whatever you want they just set things up to make it easy to play whatever game with them on Friday nights).

For example they’ll set up a minecraft server for people to play or whatever.

I’m sure it has been helping a lot of people stay safe inside while still being able to connect with others and make friends.

15. Didn’t expect those last couple.

Drink, Get really high, and watch World War Two documentary’s.

Maybe cry about how lonely I am.

14. He’s got it all planned out.

Well sir miss let me tell YOU. After work I’m going to Costco. I’m gonna get one of those Hella cheap 1.75L bottles of whisky for 19 bucks and a rotisserie chicken (making chicken tacos). Then head down to the pot shop and pick up 3.5g of something nice.

After that I’ll head home, smoke a bowl, take the dog on a bike ride, and then sit in the dark and analyze stocks over the weekend for trading on Tuesday.

13. Sounds ideal, to be honest.

I just pour a rose, think about the week on my porch and contemplate eternity and then I go to bed at 8.

12. Jammies are the best.

Friday night is my night to be a total lounge lizard! Pj’s go on way before dinner and I read, watch tv, go online and my house is locked up early!

My time to wind down after a week of work, people, idiots, etc…..lol. HOME sweet HOME!

11. The dogs are loving this.

I ordered a Hawaiian pizza and am watching inception with my dog.

10. What about when summer’s over?

Currently chilling at the pool with the kids, then I’ll roll a fat blunt to smoke with my husband when the kids go to sleep.

9. Popcorn in bed?!

Currently eating popcorn on my bed in comfy clothes while I alternate between scrolling through reddit and reading a book

8. Simple but honest.

I swim in the pool with my family, eat dinner in our bathing suits, put my daughter to bed.

Watch streaming with my wife, bang out said wife before bed, sh*%post on Reddit/sh*%post on group text throughout. Repeat every Friday.

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

7. I’m sensing a pattern.

Right now I’m doing some left over blow from a wedding last week, bottle or merlot and listening to music videos on YouTube alone in my studio apartment.

(How can you say you live in New York City without saying you live in New York City)

6. A whole lot of nothing.

Not a damn thing. Or at least that’s what I do. Currently I am sitting on my couch, there’s a beer and a freshly loaded bong on the table, some Ancient Aliens playing the background, the cats are snoozing, and the husband is playing some game on the PC.

Dinner is en route, and we’ll just continue to get blasted for the rest of the night while we watch The Expanse. Happy Friday!!

5. Sounds chill.

Start drinking while I cook dinner for the kids and have a cheeky puff. Then jump on the pc and watch stuff with friends in discord.

4. Nothing much has changed.

Same thing as as 15 years ago, play world of Warcraft! This time with real life friends!

3. I love it.

It depends, but it’s always chill. I’ll be either with friends, having a couple drinks at our usual pub, or chilling with the boyfriend.

(And tonight, chillin in bed with the cat and a book)

2. A lot of staring.

Order, then eat dinner, watch a few youtube channels, wait for it to get dark so I can take the dog in and go to bed, try not to think about how fun Friday nights were when I was a drinker.

Stare at the engine across the garage and plan my next steps in the rebuild, hell its dark enough….

1. I approve.

On this Friday night, I’m currently wine drunk-ish sprawled on the couch, petting my dog, while watching old episodes of Last Week Tonight on YouTube… so there’s that.

I’m getting ready to go to sleep and it’s not even 7 pm. I may be officially old because I’m very excited about it 😂

Yeah, I have to say that a lot of these sound pretty ok to me.

What are you doing this weekend? Tell us about it in the comments!