16 People Share the Everyday Things That Scares Them Silly

We all have those things that don’t bother some people, but that frighten us to death. For me, it’s stinging insects and the remote possibility that I’m going to look up and see a murderer’s face pressed against an un-curtained window after dark. For other people it’s spiders, or parties, or whatever.

If you’re curious about the “normal” things that freak some people out, these 16 people are ready to share.

16. I just got a shiver. Ick.

When cockroaches starts to fly.

Muffled buzzing behind the drawer.

You know it’s there, but can you catch it in time?

Will it fly straight at your face if you move the drawer?

Will it rush under the bed?

15. Isn’t anxiety fun, y’all?

A phone call and if it’s a video call, i can feel my soul leaving the body.

14. Because this is something no one should be doing in this day and age! Text first!

Unexpected knocking on my door.

I have nothing to hide, all my bills are paid but for some reason I get a mild panic attack when someone knocks.

13. I didn’t see this one coming.

The planets.

Seeing (real) photos and videos of them from space just creeps me tf out, because they’re so gigantic. Big things scare me sometimes (depending on what they are ofc), and the planets are the biggest things around lol. I would pee myself seeing them in person

Yes I know I’m standing on a planet and I know I can see the moon. I’m talking about photos or videos of planets taken from outer space lol. They look intimidating asf.

12. This fear is not irrational at all.

I’m doing it right now.

Learning to drive.

Especially because I’m taking lessons, and after my lesson tomorrow, I’m gonna be on the highway and my lessons have a tendency to be really close together.

11. Yeah, television scenes with tooth injuries are the worst.

Teeth or more specifically, a medical problem with teeth. For me or anyone else, just creep me out.

Dreams where my teeth fall out are the worst. Since I have many dental issues I’m so self-aware about my teeth it’s gets annoying.

I also can’t stand when my dentist friends share something on social media concerning teeth with a photo, even if it’s a whitening before & after picture.

10. Huh. I wonder what it is about that particular noise.

The sound of someone riding a skateboard on the sidewalk behind me. I don’t know why, but I freeze.

Yes, I am also unnerved by shopping carts behind me in the supermarket; I always pull over and let them pass if they are following too close to my heels.

Apparently I was Achilles in a past life.

9. Gives me the heebies, too.


From knocking on a door to eye contact.

8. Someone has seen Psycho too many times. So, once.

Closing my eyes when shampooing.

I’ve seen too many horror movies to enjoy darkness.

7. This is one household job I refuse to do.

Putting my hand into the garbage disposal to clear it.

No one else allowed in the kitchen because I know they’ll somehow turn it on.

My wife broke a glass in the sink once and it went in the garbage disposal, clearing broken glass I couldn’t see was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

6. The seed that grows a horror novel.

This is gonna sound weird but seeing things in the middle of the road at night.

I was once driving home one night and turn a corner to see a dog in the middle of the road. Nothing weird right? Completely normal sight in a suburb. Every instinct in my body was telling me to get out of there NOW.

When I see stuff in the middle of the road at night it doesn’t matter what it is I get chills, goosebumps, my airs stand on end and my palms sweat.

It’s happened with deer, dogs, people, raccoons, and even a trash can once. Can’t explain it but it terrifies me

5. Definitely someone’s idea of torture.

Group interviews.

Like, it’s already hard enough to try to sell yourself to someone you’ve never met in the hopes of being able to support yourself, but then they make you sit with a whole bunch of people you don’t know and then you have to try to one-up the other people too?

I’ve only done a couple of group interviews and surprisingly enough, didn’t get the job for either. I just completely can’t think of any way to be authentic when I’m surrounded by strangers and have to market myself with their beady little judgy eyes watching me.

4. The scariest thing it could be.

Distant motionless silhouette.

Quiet and still, but the fact that it’s on a flat empty surface pulls your attention to it.

Especially bad if there’s no turns and you have to pass it to keep going.

It’s not a weird or unwarranted fear, it’s a common trope in horror. And I’m pretty sure it’s evolutionary; a motionless silhouette in the night is how most nocturnal predators appear, like the big cats. The scariest thing it could be, for me, would be a disheveled woman standing in a weird and unnatural way.

3. I think many people have this fear.


The thought of getting to a point where I won’t be able to take care of myself anymore scares the living daylights out of me.

I’m much less scared of dying than I am of outliving my ability to do anything.

2. This is our brave new world.

I think it fits in the uncanny valley for me whenever technology doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

I nearly get scared shitless if a game closes out on my computer while I’m playing it even though the most likely answer is that it just crashed.

For whatever reason I remember being very afraid if bluescreens/rings of death on a PC or Xbox 360 as a kid.

1. You never know what you’re going to see in there.

Mirrors in a dark room.

Like if you turn the light off in the bathroom before leaving or something.

Feel like that’s where the veil is thinnest there for some reason.

Some of these honestly surprised me – I never would have thought?

What everyday thing scares you? Confess in the comments!