16 People Share The Obvious Lies We’ve All Agreed To Tell

Even though it can feel a little less true these days, the facts are that we are still living in a society. There are norms and regular practices that most of us follow on a daily and weekly basis when interacting with others – even if sometimes we all know those norms are a total crock of bologna.

For example there are things we tell each other, things we pretend to believe when we hear, that we all just accept even though we know they’re not true – and these 16 obvious lies should sound super familiar to every one of you.

16. We really have no idea.

90% of the time?

“They died peacefully”

Let’s be honest, if they were conscious it wasn’t a great experience for em.

15. No one is listening to the responses, anyway.

Good and you?

I’m Fine. Whatever that means…

14. Science says otherwise.

That looks don’t matter.

When I was maybe 11 I was in the scouts and we had a big meetup with other groups in the region. We had this activity where we had to pass an obstacle course with a “disability”. I had blindness, so I had to go through it blindfolded.

To help me do the course, I had someone to help me. It was this boy with the sweetest voice. He was so helpful and kind and funny. Then when I took off my blindfold, I saw it was this chubby short kid I’d seen earlier and paid no mind to.

And it suddenly hit me like a bag of bricks that I had judged this kid and dismissed him based on his looks alone. And now that I got to know him without seeing him, he was a kind, sweet and funny person and nothing like what I thought he would be from looking at him.

I still think about that to this day

13. Too many people just don’t.

Bad people will get theirs in the end.

My grandfather’s brother, W recently died and made a will to give everything (house etc) to his sister, S and her son since W never married or had kids.

W’s best friend is a conman millionaire and forged a will putting everything in his name. S and her son are way too poor to fight in court over it.

The family keeps on saying stuff like, “his children will fight over land just like him” (he has 4 houses) or “he’ll get what he deserves in the end” or “God will punish him”

12. We do it every day.

“don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

That’s literally the purpose of the book cover.

11. They absolutely would.

That someone would never do such a thing.

If you’ve thought of it, there’s a solid chance someone else already did it.

“There is nothing new under the sun.”

It’s also not entirely a bad thing. It also means that if you’re struggling, you’re not totally alone. Someone, somewhere, somehow, would also understand, no matter how unlikely or absurd that may seem.

10. Babies are like gremlins.

What a pretty baby!

When the baby is ugly, I say “precious”. Some babies are uglyyyyyy. But they are all precious.

9. Your kid is not special.

Especially when they’re referring to their kids. Like, hey I just watched your kid walk over to my kid, kick her from behind and yank her toy out of her hand.

My kid would never do such a thing.

Well I will never yeet a kid out of the park with one arm after yanking my kids s*%t out of his hands….. Right?

(She did make him give the toy back, And then left. Because I made her feel uncomfortable. Intentionally.)

8. It’s a catch-all.

I’m just tired.

My partner pointed out that I say this as code for “I’m sad” more often than I realized.

7. We have so many ways of saying “no.”

“I’ll let you know”

I work with students with autism. One of the things I hate teaching the most is these little unwritten rules about social interactions. Just the other day I was telling a student of mine that “I’ll let you know” or “we’ll see” is usually a polite “no”.

“But then why doesn’t the other person just say no?”

There really is no reasonable justification. It’s just the way society is.

6. It’s just not true for everyone.

“You’ll find someone eventually”

Add “when you least expect it you’ll find love!” Roflmao.

5. There is no justice.

Came here to say this. “Good things happen to good people” and “they’ll get what’s coming to them” and “karma”.

Most sh*%ty people go on to lead successful lives and have happy healthy families.

Nobody is keeping track of people who were sh*%ty towards you in order to get justice on your behalf.

4. If only.

“Bullies will get what they deserve”

3. Pick up a history book, friends.

This is not who we are.

2. Sometimes it shouldn’t be.

“blood is thicker than water”

1. No one wants to talk.

I will call you back…

And ” let’s do this again sometime ” Or “I will text you.”

Y’all, I say we just keep these up for the most part. No real harm done.

What other obvious lies do we all just go around spouting? If we’re missing some, drop them in the comments!