16 People Share The Things That Have Happened In Their Lives That No One Believes

As a writer, I can tell you this – there are actual, real things that happened in the world that would never make it past an editor. They would call it too unbelievable for fiction, and that no one was going to buy it.

But…it happened!

Here are 16 people those things happened to, and they’re here to tell you they really did happen – believe it or not.

16. Just like Scooby Doo.

Watched happen – At a concert in a newish dive venue in Leeds (faster pussycast I think). Guy leans against the wall while lighting a cig. The firedoors open and he falls straight backwards through the hole. Doors then close. His friends start looking around for him.

15. It’s the second part that’s weirdest.

Was robbed at gun point while sitting in my car, gave the guy the trash that was in my door and he ran away with trash.

14. They didn’t have to shoot him.

I live in South Carolina and when I was young I was out in my backyard playing on my swing-set. I heard some unusual rustling in the trees of the woods and looked up to find…a small monkey! I couldn’t believe my eyes and took off running to the house to tell my dad.

He didn’t believe me right away, but I finally convinced him to come outside to look. When we walked back to my swing-set, we saw not only the monkey, but now, standing underneath the tree, was a man holding a pistol and a woman holding a banana.

They saw us and the man began to speak. “If he doesn’t come down, I’ll have to shoot em”. Pretty much right after that, the monkey saw that banana and headed straight down to the woman and sat on her shoulder.

And that was that, they left and we found out they were our neighbors from five or six houses down.

13. Not a great strategy.

I was at a stop light in a bad area when I was like 19. Suddenly I notice a guy running up to try my passenger door, it was locked, looked to my left to see another guy with a gun who pounded my window with the butt and then pointed it at me.

I froze for 2 seconds and then just drove away through the red light. No idea what their game plan was but I hope they have improved on that awful strategy since.

12. He wasn’t just high.

I saw a small elephant walking in a residential street in the middle of Ottawa, Canada, just down from my friend’s house.

When I get there, my buds have all been smoking pot and nobody believed me, and accused me of smoking too much and losing it. Got teased all night.

Next day we learned that rich neighbours rented an elephant for a birthday party.

11. A swan dive.

I nearly collided with a low flying swan while jogging. I was not near a lake or river, so I have no idea why the swan was in the area.

I turned a corner and saw something white flying in my direction. I thought it was a seagull but realized it was a swan at the last second, forcing me to duck and roll (and then swear really loudly).

10. A friendship meant to be.

I once went to a big concert (in Glasgow) with my mum and sister, and a family that we met while on holiday in Spain a few months earlier happened to be sitting right in front of us.

9. A random friend.

I am a dwarf/little person and when I was 17 I applied for a place in an art college. To get in you had to submit a physical portfolio of pieces you had made, usually up to A1 (so pretty big).

So I went into the school to submit my folio, struggling with my massive folder, when another little person appeared from nowhere and helped me out with it. I’d never met another little person before in my life, so it was quite a surprise. Turned out he was a student currently studying there in filmmaking.

So we went through the school, 2 dwarfs who didn’t even know each other, carrying this huge leather folder that was bigger than us through the college campus together.

Sadly I didn’t get a place there. He seemed like he could have been a good friend!

8. You look familiar.

 In the 70s my (Italian) parents met an Austrian couple on holiday, they hit it off, promised to keep in touch but eventually lost contact.

Fast forward to the late 90s, my grumpy 18yo ass is on holiday with my parents in our campervan. Italy is a glorious country, yet my father randomly decides to spend some time in this unknown, extremely underwhelming looking place. Think a half arsed parade of modern buildings, shops with flats on top, pebbley beach, not so clear sea. The kind of place you’d visit for a day trip if you’re local, merely out of convenience.

They park next to another campervan and notice how familiar the guy looks… It’s their Austrian friend and his wife.

7. That will freak you out.

Before cell phones I accidentally misdialed a number but got the person i wanted at the wrong number.

She was at her uncles house.

6. Too wild to be true.

My friend was run over by a train. And survived.

When it comes to trains hitting people, the train usually wins and the people end up dead-

It’s really tough going up against an opponent when that opponent literally does nothing but train all day.

5. His roommate was creeped out.

I was in college, Oklahoma State, I was in my dorm and told my roommate, I need to call my dad, just out of the blue. My dad lived in Tampa, when I picked up the phone to call my dad he was on the line. My phone didn’t ring.

He had called me to tell me my grandmother, who lived in Michigan, had passed.

It was the weirdest thing ever. This was in 1987 way before cell phones. Just a regular phone in my dorm room.

My roommate was creeped out by it and assumed my family was possessed. Which we probably were.

4. That’ll test your ticker.

I was once hunted down by a detective in a homicide case, but come to find out, he had been tracking the wrong guy because of a clerical error of mistaking a C for a G in my name.

3. That’s terrifying.

When I was 10 I was hanging out with this older kid and he suddenly threw me on the ground then tried to stab me. He was on top of me and the knife was a few inches from my face.

I was holding his arms back with everything I had then he suddenly got off me and said he was joking then ran away.

2. No one was sorry.

My dead stepfather had an indoor pet flying squirrel that was evil and bit till u bled.

He flew into the oven and died.

1. Scary is one word for it.

My sister used to claim she was a fish. I came home one day after school and she was flopping in the living room floor. She suddenly grabbed me, held me down, and pulled a knife on me and tried to stab me.

I screamed and rolled away and immediately got up and ran out the door. She was slower than I was, but ran after me with the knife yelling ‘I’m a fish, I’m a fish!’ The neighbors saw it and called my parents immediately.

I got away, but to this day, my older sister denies it ever happened and now my parents are acting like they never got phone calls about it despite my neighbors telling me they called.

She has not murdered anyone I am aware of,but that was scary

I have no idea how I would react if someone told these stories to me.

Would you have believed them? Tell us why or why not in the comments!