16 People Share The Truth About What Truly Gives Them A Fright

We live in a big, bad, scary world, which means there’s no shortage of things that could – and should – frighten a person. And that’s to say nothing of the things that go on in our own heads, which are scary in a different but still valid way.

If you’re looking for more things to freak you out while you can’t sleep at night, these 16 people’s fears just might become your own – so beware if you’re going to scroll!

16. Every small noise…

Home invasion.

I can’t even imagine how terrifying this would be.

That’s why I have a gun.

15. Maybe it doesn’t matter, though.

Going through life without living up to my true potential.

It’s such a horrible thing to think about!

14. It’s not going to be easy.

The death of my parents.

Of course I argued with them a lot when I was a dumb teen but we always had a good and understanding relationship.

The thought of losing them is just more than I can handle.

13. It’s not common, but…

Waking up in a morgue.

I have a condition where you collapse and then people think you are dead so they take your body away, then hours later you wake up alive in a morgue.

12. Light’s out.


No warning signs. No symptoms. You’re just going about your life then BAM! Lights out.

It’s terrifying to realize your life can just end in the time between two heartbeats.

11. You can’t be too careful.

My deepest fear is of one day accidentally or negligently killing someone.

Every time it comes up in the news, I fall down this horrible empathy hole where I try to imagine living with the knowledge & guilt about what I’ve done for the rest of my life, and I really don’t think I could handle it.

I’m scared of driving because I don’t think I’m confident or skilled enough to operate a machine that could kill someone so easily.

10. You can feel it coming.

Impending doom.

Knowing that you or someone close to you will likely die within a short but uncertain amount of time.

9. A great mystery.

That i might be irrecoverably damaged and it doesn’t matter how much work i will put in i will never understand normal human things.

8. Someone has to go first.

My partner die before me. I think i won‘t be able to handle the pain of losing her.

7. The struggle for justice.

Being raped, it freaks the s*%t out of me.

I live in Brazil and rape here is something completely ignored, to the point where victims have the literal semen of rapists inside them, doctors run the tests, they confirm the identity of the guy, and he doesn’t get arrested.

It’s a real struggle to get some justice here, so the fear I have of the physical pain of being raped, the emotional pain e then later the humiliation of probably not being able to get any justice…it just scares me.

6. For sure terrifying.

The direction this World is going in.

5. The devil you know…

Becoming depressed again, never want to go back to that place.

4. The older I get…

Loud noises like fireworks and thunder.

My reasoning is actually kinda sound. I have these a$$hole neighbors who liked to set off fireworks in their backyard, and one day when I was outside feeding my animals(horses, dogs, and chickens), they set some fireworks off and one seemed to be defective or something, cause it came in my direction and literally exploded like 10 ft above me.

Idk what kinda fireworks they were using, or if they were normal, but that s*%t had me feeling dizzy and my ears were ringing and in pain, so hearing loud noises just makes me anxious now.

3. It’s coming anyway.


The idea that I will one day just cease to exist and that there will be nothingness for the rest of eternity is just such a frightening thought.

2. I would not care for that.

What truly scares me is sleep paralysis. Jesus titty-fucking Christ have they gotten worse as I got older. Used to be just being awake but not being able to move.

Then I heard voices over thunderstorms.

Now it’s shadow figures in the corner.

What’s next, Freddy Krueger forcing his way through my ceiling?!

1. Some ways do seem easier than others.

I’m not afraid of death itself but of how I’ll die. When people say that they fear death, I imagine that’s what they actually mean as well.

Still, the thought of being dead upsets me.

I’ll be buried, my loved ones will cry and miss me for a time and then that’s it. All there will be left of me are some old pictures collecting dust in some drawer and a gravestone with my name.

My whole life, my accomplishments and failures, my happiest days and saddest nights, all of which were preserved in my memory, will fade away never to return. And after enough time has passed, nobody will even remember I one day existed at all.

Yikes, y’all. And here I only had a few things on my list of real fears before now.

What’s something that truly frightens you? I guess keep the scary stuff coming in the comments!