16 People Share Their Awkward Celebrity Encounters

If you’re wondering what any given celebrity is like in real life, well… even though you can find plenty of stories on the internet, there’s no way to really know for sure without being personally acquainted.

That said, it can be interesting to read different people’s encounters with different celebrities, and these 16 people had what they would call awkward moments with some names that are probably familiar.

16. Only one quick shot at a picture?

That’s a lot of pressure in this day and age!

15. That’s the guy being awkward, not the celebrity.

The look on his face is just hilarious.

14. I love this story so much.

I bet Ed Sheeran tells it to his friends, too.

13. Not just a dude in great cosplay.

It’s the real Johnny!

12. He seems like an affable bloke.

Like, why should he care what he signs?

11. “What’s wrong with you?”

I feel like that question in and of itself is super awkward!

10. Definitely one of the weirder things on this thread.

Maybe she’s even more awkward when she talks?

9. You can tell she’s trying to be polite.

But she really thinks you’re a dolt.

8. I mean no one likes to be told to smile.

That’s just a rule across the board.

7. I feel like that’s something you can laugh off.

I mean, have a sense of humor, friend!

6. Well this checks out.

Knowing what we know now, I mean.

5. Oh, man, that would haunt me.

Like 3am thoughts for years for sure.

4. We can all use an extra dad.

Especially a good one.

3. I don’t think he thought it was funny.

But at least he was a good sport.

2. Probably not the first time he’d heard that.

But you know. It’s nice to be someone’s Batman.

1. This is right up there with “I carried a watermelon.”

Awkward people unite!

These are pretty funny, and it can be amusing to wonder if that’s what these people are like behind the scenes most of the time.

Have you had an interesting encounter with a celebrity? Share the details with us in the comments!