16 People Share They Things They Disliked About School

Some people really love school. Other people hated going every day of their life. Whichever category you fall into (or if you fall somewhere else on the scale), though, there are surely things you would have changed about your experience if you could.

These 16 people, whether in school still or with it in their rearview, have some pretty clear ideas on what their biggest dislikes were about school.

16. You wonder why they are there.

Mean/bad teachers.

Or the teachers who say no one will get an A. Like dude, someone’s dropping the ball and there’s a good chance it’s not the students if that’s really the case.

There are always a few exceptional students who understand everything, if they can’t earn an A then you’re the one who’s failing. It’s such a bullshit excuse for shitty teaching (or extraordinarily bad learning materials, which is still the instructors responsibility).

I had a chem professor who demanded graduate level proficiency from an undergrad course with little outside learning material, it felt f**ked up.

15. No matter where you go to school.

My SO is in grad school in the #1 ranked, elite program of their field. So the program is full of super impressive and ridiculously intelligent people.

So it has made it extra hilarious (to me, probably not so much to my SO) hearing about how group projects STILL have the same common issues that most of us have experienced in high school and undergrad.

Common group project issues like the ghost member who barely does anything, the member who goes rogue and makes major decisions/changes without consulting the group first, group project meetings where little is accomplished, etc all still existed even with a group full of super intelligent, talented people.

14. It doesn’t have to take up so much time.

The time consumption.

Doing online school really highlights this. I can get all the work done in my classes in a couple hours without the needles bulls*%t.

13. No one likes it.


As a teacher, I can confirm. It sucks.

12. It’s not right, I tell you.

Bathroom rules. Just let me pee!

Teachers are teaching us to “act like responsible adults”, yet we still have to ask them to use the bathroom.

11. Scare tactics don’t work.

They scare the crap out of you where they tell you that college or the next level is going to be difficult and harder.

My teachers loved to bring that out. “The teachers in Middle School aren’t going to hold your hand and you’re not going to be able to coast through” “The teachers in High School aren’t going to hold your hand and …” “When you’re in college they aren’t going to hold your hand and …”

I picked a big state university specifically so I could be a nameless student responsible for myself but there was still a lot of hand holding available.

10. It’s unrelenting.


This was my issue, although I’d describe it as “unrelenting stress.”

I could never relax while in school. Not only would I procrastinate, but the stress was just always there for long term assignments so even when I was supposedly doing something fun, it was never fun; certainly not relaxing.

Once I graduated and started working, my life got sooo much better.

Even when I’ve gone through the most stressful times at work, I’ve known I could leave it behind – at least for a while.

9. The struggle is real.

Getting up.

It’s always hard. In fact, having to get up too early (ie the alarm waking you up in the middle of your sleep) and lack of sleep thereof is what I think is the most stupidest shit we forced ourselves to do as a species…

I am not productive before 3pm, that’s just it. Can’t do anything about it. I’m human, not a f**king toaster!

8. Everyone hates them.

Group projects.

And it’s even worse when it’s a video and EVERYONE needs to be in it and obviously one idiot forgot to film his part almost failing all of us.

7. Yellers are the worst.

People that yell for no reason.

I’m so glad I finished school in the early 2000s. I don’t think I could stand being in classes of today.

6. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The amount of unnecessary work and classes I am forced to take. The amount of stress I got to undertake just to end up having an entry level job or better yet having to pay so much in tuition while starving on campus just so they can tell me. “

We changed your requirements for graduation so you gotta take more bullshit.” In summary I just hate having to show up to that bullshit before I can make any money in my chosen field

5. It’s frustrating.


I literally do nothing for 8 hours a day. Senior year of highschool and all my classes are filler because I need a PE credit and a personal finance credit to graduate.

Rest of my schedule is literally filler like Band or Yearbook. Waste of my f**king time.

4. Unsanitary.

Back when I went to school, I really disliked the bathroom. The mirrors had been shattered and removed years before I started going to school. The chain that activated the flush had broken so many times you pretty much had to step on the throne to flush.

Also, there was no lid and no seat on the throne, no toilet paper (we all took our tissues to the bathroom) no hand sanitizer (some people took soap with them).

The doors had the locks broken as well, so we went in pairs, one holds the door and one does their business. Lots of graffiti, but fortunately the bathroom didn’t smell soooo bad, the maintenance people did their best.

All in all, I learn to go before leaving home and go again after arriving home, 6 hour later.

3. Two big issues.

Having to wake up early, and working in groups where the people don’t do any work.

Or when everyone else or just one person disagrees on everything in a group project.

Then when concerns are brought up every teachers first remark is “did you discuss the problem with them?” As if that’s not the first thing most groups/people try to do, or there is a person(s) just so unreasonable they won’t listen to anyone but the teacher.

2. Failure can be necessary.

Accidental or not, teaching students that failure is wrong. Ingraining the fear of failure over actually learning. Accidental or not, teaching students that their worth is measured by their productivity.

School takes over students’ lives when they’re supposed to have fun or explore their own interest.

1. This is a big no.

My daughter is in preschool, she’s 3.5 and has homework. She hasn’t even mastered potty training and still needs to be in a pull up.

They want her doing homework.

Yeah, school could definitely be improved, wouldn’t you say?

What did you dislike most about school? Or, if you’re still there, what would you change? Share with us in the comments!