16 People Talk About Things You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of, No Matter What Society Says

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A lot of people out there live their lives and do things according to what they think looks good to others and what are the “norms” in society.

Which, of course, isn’t a good idea in the long run because we should all live whatever way is best for us since we’re all incredibly different people.

Societal norms also make people feel ashamed about certain things in their lives and force folks to stay quiet or hide how they really feel about different matters in life.

But maybe it’s all BS and you shouldn’t be ashamed of those things, you know?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this subject.

1. It’s not your fault.

“Being the victim of sexual abuse.

There is so much shame involved, and discussing sexual abuse is taboo in so many cultures and families. The thing is, NOT talking about it continues the cycle of shame, and often prevents the victim from coming to terms and healing.

It is so common, and yet, like miscarriage, we don’t know how common it is. Almost every victim feels like they are the only one or they are alone.”

2. You don’t ALWAYS have to be working.

“Being lazy after a hard day of work.

We’ve all been there had a super hard day. Get home house needs cleaned dinner needs made. Instead we order a pizza and chill. Because we deserve it once and a while.”

3. People are hairy.

“Having hair somewhere.

It’s so hard having even remotely light skin and dark hair, because you’re always freaking embarrassed about it. Especially for girls. It’s natural, it should be there, so why are we so ashamed of it?

Kinda sad.”

4. Community colleges are great!

“Going to community college. I rescinded an offer to go to an out-of-state school because it would’ve cost me $160,000. By the time I rescinded the offer, the only school that I could apply and get accepted by the fall was community college.

I was ashamed since I was an honor student in high school and should go to a “real” college and all my other friends were going to “real” colleges.

But I enjoyed my time at community college and I graduated with my bachelor’s in two years. I’ve also just completed my master’s.

Don’t let other people’s opinions stop you, especially if they aren’t paying your bills.”

5. On the road to recovery.

“Being a recovering/ex addict.

I have been sober for many years now and I still remember the intense shame and embarrassment I felt walking into rehab. It was okay for everyone to see me acting like an asshole and almost dying of an overdose, but God forbid anyone see me get sober.

The stigma around addiction is disgusting and needs to stop. No one should be ashamed of having an addiction and no one for damn sure needs to be ashamed of kicking their habit.”

6. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

“When students who generally care about their education fail a class. I know it’s tough, and it makes you feel worthless. But, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes things just happen the way they do.

It doesn’t mean you are dumb or are unable to succeed.”

7. It affects so many people.

“Mental illness.

I think this is a really important one.

When talking about depression a friend of mine said if someone opened up to him about being depressed he’d hit him on the arm and just say “What do you have to be depressed about? You live in a very wealthy and developed country with no worries. Why would you be depressed?”

Kind of made me think again about talking to people and it makes life harder.”

8. It’s natural.

“Stretch marks.

Cellulite, too. They’re both things that you can have no matter what your body looks like or has ever looked like. You don’t need to have ever been big or pregnant or anything to get them.

You might have more of them with any kind of weight-related changes, but you can also be 110 lbs and able to bounce a quarter off your mega-toned ass and still have cellulite and stretch marks.”

9. No shame in that.

“Being a virgin.

It’s crazy how there’s a stigma against people who have sex and there’s a stigma against people who don’t have sex. WHAT DO YOU WANT PEOPLE?!

And there isn’t a definable time to lose your virginity. Everyone moves at their own pace. The best time is to lose it when you feel the most comfortable. It’s not something you should rush into in my opinion.”

10. Like what you like.

“Your taste in music.

I always hear about people’s secret genre that they like because theyre too embarrassed and think they’ll be judged.”

11. It’s good to be young at heart.

“Don’t be ashamed of liking things that other people think are childish.

Who cares if you’re 40 and still like cartoons, really cheesy music, or whatever? As long as it isn’t unhealthy or hurting anyone else, you do you!”

12. Be bad at stuff!

“Enjoying an activity you’re bad at.

Not every hobby needs to be a side-gig.

Enjoy your bad karaoke performance! Have fun on that three-hour half-marathon! Keep making art even if no one likes it!

Don’t even worry if you don’t improve with time. If it makes your life better, do it and don’t worry about it!”

13. We all fail…

“Admit that they failed.

Everyone has failed in their life at least once, nobody is perfect and you don’t need to be ashamed of, it’s human…”

14. I looooove doing this.

“Eating alone.

Eating alone can be relaxing, I often do that when I go shopping, and not once have anyone looked at me in a weird way. Probably because they see that I actually enjoy eating alone.”

15. Ain’t nothin’ but a number.

“Women and their age

No one gives a fuck! Some chicks are 30 and some chicks are 40 and some chicks are 50 and some chicks are 60….. hell some chicks are fuckin 70 NO ONE CARES!!!!”

16. Do what’s best for you.

“Living with your parents in your late 20s.

I know we’re expected to leave our parents house at a certain point, but there are various circumstances that play into that.”

I think these answers are really helpful and will hopefully make people realize that they don’t need to be ashamed of a lot of things in life.

How about you?

What do you think people are ashamed of when they really shouldn’t be?

Let us know in the comments, please!