16 People Talk About What Is Definitely Worth the Money

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Sometimes, you don’t know what kind of value you’re going to get out of the things you buy.

You HOPE that your items last a long time and will be well worth the purchase, but you never really know until you take the plunge and pull out your debit card…

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about things they think are definitely worth the money.

1. Words to live by.

“Don’t pinch pennies when it comes to things that go between you and the ground.

Tires. Shoes. Boots. Mattress . Desk chair. House.”

2. That’s important.

“F*cking lasik surgery.

Best. Decision. Of. My. Life.”

3. YES!

“A pet!

Such love, innocence, loyalty, friendship, and companionship you’ll find!

4. It’s a game-changer.

“For my fellow introverts.

Amazon Prime!! 1-2 day shipping, great deals, books, movies, music. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Well I do know… I would have to go out and be in public for those things and that is a big NO THANK YOU.”

5. Eat well.

“Better food.

Most of the time excluding certain trendy health foods etc. Paying a little extra for ingredients when cooking goes a long way. To illustrate my point. Go to the grocery store and buy six items to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

Cheap bread, some cheap spreadable margarine stuff in a tub, and kraft singles for the first one. Then get some brioche, some real butter, and some american cheese from the deli for the second one and report back here with your findings.

Its really only a few extra bucks difference but so much better.”

6. If you can afford it.

“Everyone is saying shoes and stuff but, a housekeeper.

We have a someone come once a week. She’s incredible.

My partner and I don’t feel guilty about not cleaning the place. We don’t fight about it. Plus, our housekeeper is wonderful, beyond kind, and we always have a good conversation now that we’re home whenever she comes over.”

7. Your future.

“Investing in your future.

If you are learning a new skill and require something to work with to learn, investing in the tools to teach you what you need is invaluable.

Getting good quality gear to start with is ideal since it will last longer.”

8. They are nice…

“A reliable car.

I’ve had bad cars and good cars, and the difference is incredible. When I had bad cars, I was always trying to bum rides and constantly going to the mechanic. I was constantly trying to figure out how I’d pay for repairs every month, and the stress was crazy.

Even if a car payment is slightly more expensive, it’s worthwhile for the peace of mind.”

9. Lasts a lifetime.

“Any furniture made with real wood or of amish construction.

Stuff just doesn’t break, when your done pass it to your kids, when your kids are done they can sell it as an antique.”

10. Take care of your body.

“Anything to help your physical health.

And the minimalist in me recommends a set of adjustable dumbbells, resistance bands, and a good yoga mat.”

11. Get the good stuff.

“If you are like me and don’t have time to make home made pasta sauce, the good brands are for sure worth it.

It’s the difference between a proper, flavorful sauce and some overly sweet red goop.”

12. Can’t go cheap on that.

“A great contractor.

If you are paying someone to work on your house don’t just go for the cheapest, you might end up in a nightmare scenario spending way more than you expected.”

13. Time is money.

“Paying for a cleaning service, lawn service, and anything else that frees up my time.

Because time = more valuable than money.”

14. For the ladies.

“Good bras.

My whole life, I only ever owned one bra at a time because I have a particular size, and my mom and I were poor. I finally have a job paying me a livable wage, and Brastop had a sale on bras for 80% off. I got 8 bras for $200.l, and let me tell you, these bras (that were originally $60-80, now $20 for the sale) have made a world of a difference.

It’s helping my back, my comfort, and my confidence. Add that to the fact that Sealy just had a mattress flash sale(they were selling quwen-sized $600 mattresses for $200), and my back pain is really starting to feel better. :)”

15. Worth every penny.

“Any kind of new pressure cooker, instapot or any thing simular.

We are such a busy family. She works 12hr shifts, i drive for a living. I can be gone 15hrs some nights. We have 2 kids. That thing can have dinner ready b4 im out of the shower. Throw food in hit go and meal ready in a few minutes.

Brilliant, tons of support with how to videos, and recipe guides. Our ten year old daughter has no problem making dinner on occasion. I think most kitchen gadgets are kinda gimmicky and i thought that about this too.

But we tried it and love 10/10 worth every penny.”

16. It’s permanent.

“A tattoo from a good artist!

Something that’s going to be on your body forever deserves to be high quality.”

How about you?

What do you think is totally worth the money?

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