16 People Who Convinced Us They Were Good, But Turned Out To Be The Exact Opposite

If there’s one thing that watching a bunch of murder shows and listening to a bunch of murder podcasts and reading…well, you get it, has taught me, it’s that we can never truly know another person.

These are 16 examples of when people have convinced us they were great human beings only to turn around and reveal (not always on purpose) that they were actually awful.

16. We thought he was the Next Big Thing.

John Edwards.

While he was running for VP he seemed fresh and wholesome and exciting. Shortly after they lost, his wife got breast cancer and he was caught cheating on her while she was getting treatment and dying.

15. It’s only a matter of time.

Anyone who is on Twitter long enough.

14. Just sometimes evil.

Not evil, but Ellen DeGeneres was pretty widely loved (at least from what I could tell as a non-American online), and the allegations about the workplace environment on her show were pretty heinous.

Looking back on some of her interviews as well, and the way she treated some of her celebrity guest, it’s not entirely a shock.

13. Is all of his work tainted now?

Kevin Spacy. Good actor, horrible human.

Also a piece of s*%t for trying to move to conversation from “I abused a young man” to “I’m coming out.”

12. He gives the worst advice.

Steve Harvey.

Appears family friendly and funny on the surface. Even a little bit of research shows what an absolute piece of shit he is tho.

He also has a morning radio show where he gives absolutely terrible advice.

11. Sickening for sure.

Gary Glitter.

This should be higher up. Him and Jimmy Saville, posed as children’s entertainers to get access to kids. Sickening!

As a little kid, I remember seeing Gary Glitter on an episode of Top of The Pops, hosted by Jimmy Saville, and remember thinking there was something very strange, about both of them…

10. The epitome of evil.

King Leopold II of Belgium. From the onset, he started a ‘charitable’ organization to help liberate the people of the Congo from slavery and called it the Free Congo State. Free to him being free to reign how he wished.

All his charitable acts were a guise to subjugate, enslave and work to death millions of Africans for rubber and ivory.

9. They shouldn’t treat patients, that’s for sure.

Dr. Phil deserves to have his license taken away.

And Dr. Oz right along with him.

8. He went down swinging.

Lance Armstrong.

He sued the people who knew he was doing steroids to try and ruin their lives.

I remember reading his book around the peak “Livestrong” era and finding it really inspirational.

One passage that I remember is him talking about doping allegations when he returned to cycling – framing it as “they couldn’t believe I had recovered, they thought I had to be doing something; I wanted to prove myself so bad I would volunteer for every test” and “I had just gone through chemotherapy, why would I want to pump myself full of more chemicals?”

What a f**king hypocrite.

7. No one is really talking about it, either.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s gotta be up there. Positively spun media coverage, high polls, his (Emmy award winning!?) televised COVID broadcasts, and his autobiography written and published in the middle of 2020 gave him an impression of goodness…until it was revealed the COVID numbers were wrong, his own policies resulted in careless and needless deaths, his brother Chris who reports for CNN was caught helping him out, and multiple allegations of sexual misconduct came out. Man went from wheat to chaff all in the course of a few months

6. He believes in miracles.

Butch Hartman is an egotistical jerk who supports churches that believe in the power of prayer being able to cure people of things such as autism, and not use professional doctors when it comes to illnesses such as cancer.

5. They know what they’re doing.

Any Modern Scientologist.

Maybe in the beginning they could be forgiven but now it’s known what kind of dark cult s*%t they’re up to.

If you’re still supporting it now you’re an accomplice.

The only break I give them is that it’s REALLY FUCKING DIFFICULT to get out of Scientology. You can’t just go “well that was fun, I’m out guys.”

I’ve heard that part of those tests they do involve divulging all of your darkest secrets on video and they use that as blackmail material to keep you in the cult and giving them money.

In college I wrote a blog post about Scientology on my website and got physically stalked by them. Church of Scientology be scary.

4. If you know, you can’t forget.

Many of you don’t know who this person is but she used to be a news personality on a local station here in Indiana WTHR channel 13. When I was a kid one of our field trips we were allowed to go on often was to go to the time trials down at the Indianapolis 500. And after the practice trials sometimes the drivers would come up to the gates and sign autographs for the kids.

I was in love with this news personality as little kids would be anyway I go up to get an autograph quote unquote from this news personality. Her name was Patty spitler and she was interviewing this race car driver and since I was taught to be polite and not to talk until people were finished talking, I waited. When they finished talking. I walked up and I said oh Mrs spitler can I have your autograph? She says to me go away kid you bother me.

Now this race car driver that she was interviewing was AJ foyt and he had the reputation of being basically and a****** race car driver but I guess he loved kids because he said to me come here sweetheart I’ll give you an autograph and he signed My autograph book and then he called over three other race car drivers and they all call signed My autograph book.

This news reporter made me cry and after that every time I seen her on TV it just made me mad. As soon after this I don’t know if AJ reported how she treated me or what happened but she was busted down to a feature reporter for the rest of her career and now a days 40 years later she only gets spots once in a while on it to comes to animals.

So I learned how mean one personality could be and how nice of a person AJ foyt was to kids.

3. The perfect example.

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles.

He’s the perfect example of a good looking ‘tricky’ person for kids to learn from. Not all villains look like Jafar and not all evil people will show their true selves immediately like Gaston.

2. All of them.

Those evangelists you see on TV.

What kills me is we SAW these charlatans at work fleecing people and then getting arrested in the 80s (I was a kid but even then I knew what was going on) and yet here we are again with the same mega church charlatans taking gullible people’s money.

Jim Bakker is even on sure hawking emergency kits for the rapture.

1. None of those things.

Not sure if it fits the criteria, but Marylin Manson. For years I always heard about how the guy had a nice attitude and was generally helpful and kind in real life.

Only for it to come out that he was in fact none of those things.

I say that because it sounds like everybody just assumed he was a good guy and ignored the bad parts about him.

Reliving all of these reveals honestly was a little bit tough.

Did we forget someone here? If you’ve got another example in mind, drop it in the comments!